Belen Rodriguez doesn’t send them to say: ”To all the people who mind my dicks”

Belen Rodriguez has returned to Italy on a war footing. The Argentine showgirl is tired of the chatter about her and so she lets off steam on Instagram.

Belen Rodriguez e Elio Lorenzoni they treated themselves to a deluxe holiday in the Maldives, documenting their love through Instagram between engagement rings and romantic moments together. Now, back in Italy, Belen has evidently read everything that has been written about her and has decided to reply in her own words in her Ig Stories.

Belen Rodriguez furious, what her Instagram has written

After announcing his love to the world, Belen Rodriguez e Elio Lorenzoni they flew to the Maldives together for a romantic getaway. The Argentine showgirl is very much in love with her and has found her smile again thanks to the charming entrepreneur, after the stormy separation from Stefano De Martino which seems to have definitively put an end to their marriage. Although she was far from Italy, there was a lot of talk about her and her new relationship with Elio, with whom he would also like a child.

This seems not to have particularly pleased Belen who, having returned to Italy after relaxing in the sun on the white beaches of the paradisiacal destination, made it clear on Instagram what she thinks of all this chatter about herself. “To all the people who don’t mind me and talk about me, don’t give up, season two is coming”. This is it rant published on Instagram from Belen in the last hours. The Argentine showgirl has clarified her position towards all those who do nothing but talk about her, comment on and judge her choices.

Rodriguez she wants to feel like a woman free to choose her own path, but she has to deal with the fact of being one of the most visible people of the moment, always surrounded by paparazzi and camera flashes. Meanwhile, Belen tries to relax in Milan, wearing very warm new garments from her Hinnominate collection, while she enjoys an afternoon of warm sunshine with her beloved daughter Luna Marì. Who knows what the working future will hold for the presenter now that she is far from Mediaset… There are those who talk about a new program for Sky, but the gossip has died down and at the moment there is still no official confirmation.

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