Amici 23, Wax returns to the talent show: the nutmeg-gate case reappears!

Wax was one of the most controversial singers of Amici and during a new episode of the talent show he returned to the program to present his single, however also causing the nutmeg case to reappear. Here’s what happened!

The return of Wax in the school of Amici Of Maria De Filippi was full of controversy and criticism: the singer, in fact, returned to Amici23 during the episode on Sunday 19 November, to present his new single, Afterand with his arrival we started talking about the case again nutmeg-gate.

Amici 23, Wax returns to the talent show and the nutmeg gate case reappears

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, last year, during the Christmas holidays, Wax and other students of the school Canale5 they were involved in a small scandal, never completely clarified, but which took the name of on social media nutmeg-gate. During the New Year’s Eve party in the school, in fact, the boys – it was rumored precisely on the advice of Wax – they had decided to take nutmeg which, in high quantities, produces hallucinogenic effects. In addition to the singer, Tommy Dali was involved in the story – who was eliminated by Zerbi after this stunt – and other students, such as Maddalena Svevi and the new entry Valeria, eliminated immediately afterwards, without even having had the shirt.

Even though almost a year has passed, the nutmeg-gate case was a topic of conversation again when it was pointed out on the web that Wax had liked a rather controversial postas reported Novella2000: on X, in fact, the singer’s like appeared on an image representing the jar of nutmeg, with the caption:

“Wax: “Can I give them some advice?”

Even the singer’s performance itself did not attract too much sympathy from the public, even from the web, so much so Wax responded to the various criticisms with a post on X:

“It’s nice to be back. A lot of the things I’m seeing make me laugh. The criticism never ends, the more you criticize me the further I go…YOU STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! chickens”

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