The ranking of the 10 TV series that do the best with fight scenes

In TV series, especially action ones, attention to detail makes the difference. You can’t be approximate or superficial. Instead, we need to pay attention to minutiaeto the apparently most irrelevant details, because it is also and above all in the details that you can glimpse the quality of a series. In the period drama, for example, the scrupulousness with which the setting is reconstructed is essential. Let’s think about a series like Vikings, where every detail must be accurate: the historical references, the clothing, the characterization of the characters, the scenography. And, a detail that is not at all secondary, the fight scenes.

Vikings would not have the same visual power without accurate and refined battle scenes down to the smallest details.

But of course she’s not the only one. TV series that have a big story behind them action component they have to make the fight scenes as realistic as possible. The body to bodythe clash in battle, the duels, must be taken care of down to the smallest detail to capture the spectator’s attention and give him a truthful and engaging narrative.

With this ranking we tried to create a top 10 of the TV series that best deal with fight scenes, spanning completely different genres.

10) Chuck


A genre that we wouldn’t expect to find on the list is that of comedy. Although Chuck it’s not just a comedy. This series, which focuses on espionage and the relationship between the intelligence services and an ordinary computer-savvy boy, makes action one of its strong points.

And it may seem incredible, but it is one of the series that takes care of the best fight scenes and high-voltage clashes.

9) Vikings


We were saying instead of Vikings that, without the great work on combats and battles, much of his visual power she would have gotten lost along the way. In an ancient world where survival is linked to the law of the fittest, the lotta it is an essential factor of the narrative.

The war scenes of Vikings are essential and contribute to significantly raising the quality of the final product.

If you focus on the individual clashes, you can get an idea of ​​how the writers handled them down to the details every single scene in this series.

8) Banshee

banshee and Vikings: TV series fighting

Jonathan Tropper – which we will find in this ranking – e David Schickler they made this TV series which is a mix of detective, thriller and action series. Banshee is a fictional town in Pennsylvania, where a criminal who has just been released from prison sets out in search of his former accomplice.

It’s not Vikings, but it must be said that in this show the fight scenes have nothing to envy of the great TV series of recent years.

7) The Witcher

the witcher and Vikings: fighting TV series

The Netflix fantasy series instead astonished not only for the complexity and originality of the story. Are also the details to have made a difference. Accurate, refined, well studied. Fight scenes are an essential element of the show. Geralt in Rivia it’s a real one war machine and as such it moves on the screen.

Already in the first episode we see him in action first with the brigandsthen in the fight with chill, in a series of agile and precise shots. The slow-motion it helps you focus on every little movement, giving the battle a truly epic tone.

6) Spartacus

In a show about gods of the arena, there is no doubt that melee is an absolutely non-negligible element. And in fact in TV series like Vikings, Game of Thrones o Spartacus precisely, the fight scenes raise the bar considerably.

This series is famous for its duels in the arenail blood that splashes away with every blow and the sand which rises between one thrust and another, amplifying the clang of the swords clashing with each other.

5) Into the Badlands

In fifth place we find a show that hasn’t received much attention in Italy, but the fight scenes they are among the best produced recently on the small screen. Into the Badlands is set in one post-apocalyptic reality in which a warrior and a boy try to survive in a world dominated by feudal mechanisms.

The plot probably didn’t captivate all that much, but there’s no doubt that the fight scenes here are pure art in motion.

4) Game of Thrones

game of thrones and Vikings: fighting TV series

Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, the Hound, Brienne of Tarth, Daario Naharis, the Mountain, Bronn of the Blackwater, Beric Dondarrion, Khal Drogo and many others. Each name contains a fighter, each story brings with it a particular dueling skill. In Game of Thrones the attention paid to the fight scenes is very high.

The struggle takes on the appearance of one danza in the elegant movements of Arya or Oberyn Martell, of one brutal clash in the clumsiness of Brienne, of a simple one formality to attend to in the case of the Mastiff or Bronn. In short, Game of Thrones it’s packed with action, fighting, hand-to-hand combat analyzed in the most diverse forms and facets.

3) Marco Polo

Marco Polo and Vikings: fighting TV series

In the distant kingdom of Kublai Khan, the noble art of combat is exalted in more than one scene in the series. In addition to the clashes between the various armies, this show also focuses a lot of attention on individual duels between characters.

Li Jinbao, known as “One Hundred Eyes”, is certainly the most intriguing character from this point of view. So much so that Netflix reserved one for him special episode of thirty minutes precisely to tell the story of the warrior monk who arrived as a slave at the Khan’s court and quickly became the fearsome “blind murderer“.

2) Daredevil

One of the most striking elements in TV series Marvel it is precisely the accuracy of the fight scenes between the heroes and the villains to be defeated. Daredevil it is one of the best from this point of view, especially from the second season onwards.

The action is all condensed into those minutes of frenetic struggleminutes for which the actors have to work days and days, as he confirms Charlie Cox:

Precision is essential because everything is shot at once, so every aspect has to be perfect, you can’t cut parts of it.

1) Warrior

And anyway you can’t talk about wrestling and acrobatics without mentioning it at least once Bruce Lee, the legend of hand-to-hand combat. Which is also what gave the idea to Jonathan Tropper and Justin Lin for the series Warrior.

Set in late 19th century California, the series centers on a young phenomenon of kung-fu who emigrates from China to San Francisco and gets entangled new war Tong that bloodied the city. It goes without saying that the obsessive attention to every movement, every shot, every stunt is what makes this series truly incredible.

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