The Promise previews November 20, Jimena stands in the way of Manuel’s flying aspirations

The Promise, previews of Monday 20 November 2023: the episode will be broadcast at approximately 4.40pm on Canale 5.

The Promise previews November 20, Jimena stands in the way of Manuel's flying aspirations

Here’s a preview previews of the episode of The promiseon air Channel 5 Monday 20 November November at 4.40pm. The plot of this engaging Spanish soap takes place in Cordoba in 1913, following the determination of Jana Expósito in avenging his mother’s death and unraveling the mystery of his younger brother’s kidnapping many years earlier.

Currently at the palace of La Promessa, Jana is at the center of a compelling story. For anyone who wants to follow the events, it is possible to do so in streaminglive and on demand on Mediaset Infinity.

Before we spoil tomorrow’s episode, let’s have one quick look to the events of the episode of Friday 17 November

The promise: summary of the November 17th episode

Jimena will give Jana and tells her she will have to work for a few days at the home of the dukes, who need more staff. Catalina gives to Lope the proceeds from the sale of jam and tells him that he wants to equip himself to increase production.

Alonso apologizes to Martina for having answered her badly the day before, Petra she tells Teresa that there will soon be a vacancy as a personal maid.

Previews for November 20: Lorenzo sows discord between Curro and his aunt Cruz

Lorenzo start a plan to sow discord Between Curro and yours zia Cruz. Family intrigues intensify, with Lorenzo trying to manipulate the relationships within La Promessa, creating tensions which promise to explode in the future.

In the new episode: Jimena Scolding Catalina for Rebuilding the Plane

Jimenadetermined to deal with the situation, faces it Catalina and scolds her for having violated the ban of the marquise regarding the Manuel’s passion. Catalina, in fact has rebuilt the plane of Manuel although the marquise had expressly forbidden him to remind him of hers passion for the flight.

In the next episode: Jimena will stop Manuel from flying

Jimenaafter comparison with Catalinashares everything with Cruz and promises drastic action to prevent Manuel from continuing to fly.

Monday at La Promessa: Candela is replaced by Teresa

Pia learns from Lope e Simona That Candela she distanced herself from The Promise. With concern, they ask her for help in maintaining the secret of this absence in front of Don Gregorio and Petra. Teresa she was chosen as Candela’s temporary replacement.

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