10 reasons to love Dark

June 27, 2020: the day of the apocalypse in Winden, the release of the third season of Dark in the real world. The Netflix series has finally come to an end, closing with a wonderful third season. For those who don’t know her yet, Dark is a German drama series in which thriller, science fiction and mysteries are intertwined in a single story. More unique than rare, the show questions the origin of humans, the nature of time, destiny and the thread that connects past, present and future.

Considered by Rotten Tomatoes as the best series on Netflix, Dark it surpassed the most popular ones Black Mirror e Stranger Things, And it is not a case. Many elements make this show a fantastic series that, despite its complexity, will certainly win you over.

So let’s see together what the 10 reasons to love Dark are:

1) The characters and their personal arc


Dark is a show that features numerous characters, each characterized excellently.

Thanks to the vision of the writers, the various protagonists are characterized by recognizable personalities, as well as personal growth made possible by their actions, mistakes and successes. As in the real world, there is no clear contrast between good and evil, and that’s exactly why the protagonists are so interesting. Both light and darkness live in each of them: those who are considered heroes will end up making terrible mistakes, as do the villain will prove to be better than expected. Spectators will have to change their minds about the characters several times, abandoning their prejudices and ending up no longer being sure who is wrong and who is right.

2) The dynamics between the characters


The dynamics between the characters play a fundamental role in the series. The show focuses on the lives of four families whose paths in the past, present and future are intertwined in an infinite loop. As we learn to understand who is connected to whom, the show reflects on the nature of these connections, pushing us to ask ourselves what we would be willing to do to save the ones we love, on the pain of loss and on the personal struggles we fight every day, whether it’s the discovery of our sexuality or the mysteries of the past. Episode after episode, Dark it gives us new information on the family and love relationships that bind the various components, spanning different generations and showing how much these relationships are fundamental for the development of the events.

3) The casting was spot on

Dark Katharina 640x427

As technology has advanced, it has become easier and easier to rejuvenate or age actors as needed. But Dark he had absolutely no need for computer graphics to bring the different versions of his characters to the screen. The production did an incredible job in choosing the actors, managing to find performers so similar to each other to create the illusion of seeing a character in various stages of his life. Ulrich, Noah and Magnus are some of the most impressive examples: the chosen interpreters look incredibly similar, thus managing to make the transition between past, present and future even more plausible.

4) The intricate plot and excellent writing


Despite being extremely intricate, the plot of Dark manages to conquer the public because impeccably structured. The authors planned everything from start to finish, leaving nothing to chance. Ingenious and ingenious, the story has no shortage of twists that will amaze and leave fans wanting to know more. The German series is a show full of suspense and mystery, in which the supernatural drama is intertwined with the family one. Every look, every dialogue, every shot has a very specific role to play. Furthermore, every storyline is connected to the other e each episode will leave viewers with new questions. And even when we believe we have uncovered the truth, the writers will introduce a new mystery to decipher, leaving us speechless once again.

5) Time travel

Dark 3x08

Unlike other products, Dark he managed to deal with the topic of time travel with coherence and logic. It is precisely for this reason that the plot, however complicated, will eventually be able to be understood by the spectators. The various timelines never overlap with each other, creating confusion. Each is recognizable for its complexities and its effects on events. Furthermore, time travel is not just used as a means to advance the story, but as an actual one metaphor of the human psyche, in particular the comparison with ourselves and our actions. Thanks to this science fiction element, the various characters have the opportunity to deal with different versions of themselves or with individuals they would otherwise never have been able to meet, thus creating stimulating interactions.

6) Philosophical themes


Being a time travel show, Dark explore topics such as destiny, free will and determinism. Is it possible to change the past and the future, or is everything they do already written? Are we slaves of time and its infinite repetition or do we have the possibility of tracing our own path? Addressed several times during the series, these questions arise from the internal conflicts of the characters, torn between love, sacrifice, pain, greed and selfishness. These are some of the most important themes of the show, which despite focusing on space-time travel, draws its true strength from the imperfect characters, shedding light on both the darkest and noblest sides of humanity: the tragedy and horror of obsession, as well as self-sacrifice and the protection of those we love.

7) The wonderful photography


One of the reasons why Dark has managed to enchant its audience is certainly the photography.

The dark one Winden Forest perfectly embodies the essence of the series, instilling a deep sense of dread in viewers. Not to mention the caves, one of the most important places in history, characterized by a dark and suffocating atmosphere. Every place exudes anxiety, giving the impression of having to prepare for imminent danger at any moment. In each episode, the show expertly uses close-ups, dark atmospheres and distressing settings that have nothing to envy of horror classics. The photography gave an extra boost to the series, giving personality to the location e surprising the spectators time after time.

8) The soundtrack and the soundtrack


As well as the cinematography, Dark’s soundtrack and soundtrack also deserve to be praised.

Ben Frost’s phenomenal compositions fit perfectly with the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the plot. For every situation, the composer managed to create evocative sounds, capable of elevating the interpretations of the protagonists or the wonderful locations chosen for the series. The same goes for the soundtrack. Starting from Goodbye of Apparat, the haunting theme song, the production has always chosen songs that could embody the essence of the show, recalling its themes and evoking the emotions felt by the characters in certain situations.

9) The predisposition to rewatch


Every fan of Dark will agree that the series needs at least one rewatch to be fully understood. In fact, the Netflix show features so many characters, timelines and mysteries that it wouldn’t be possible to grasp every single detail after a single viewing. For this it is advisable to watch the series for a second or third time. Already knowing the story and the main plot, the rewatch it will be able to allow viewers to focus on what went unnoticed the first time: a particular detail, a prop, a character’s gesture or a dialogue considered irrelevant at the beginning.

10) A satisfying final season that comes full circle


Concluding a series is never easy, but with its last episodes Dark she managed to close the circle in a satisfying and exciting way. The introduction of the world of Eva and the timeline alternatives could have been a risk, but Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese managed to fit them perfectly into the universe they created, without making them appear out of place. Even though it has become even more complex, the series has not been ruined by the direction taken by the creators. On the contrary, it managed to reveal to viewers everything that had remained pending in previous seasons: which characters are linked to each other, who killed who, how many timelines exist within each universe, the origin of the node and everything we have witnessed over the years.

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