X Factor 23, Morgan against everyone. The judge’s long post: «Images from the last X Factor live show»

X Factor 23 saw one of the most turbulent episodes of recent years aired and certainly the most turbulent episode of this edition, last Thursday. The absolute protagonist is Judge Morgan, who between an ugly sentence said to Fedez (on which Morgan later intervened trying to explain himself), another highly contested sentence addressed to Francesca Michielin and a furious out-of-the-ordinary argument with Ambra Angiolini, filmed in the video of a spectator, made the last episode of X Factor 23 a real container of controversies and consequences which obviously continued into the following days.

Morgan, however, did not stand idly by and did not sit still and suffer in silence all the social attacks he has been receiving since Thursday evening, following the various misdeeds of which he was the protagonist in the programme: the judge chose to tell metaphorically his version of events with respect to what happened on Thursday evening, full of arguments and controversies that saw him on the front line. He did it through a post published on his social media, a long post that depicts various images of hyenas in packs attacking a single lion. Here is the detail of what Morgan wrote in the post in question, published today, two days after the infamous episode of X Factor 23:

“Images from the latest xfactor live show. Are we so sure that the distinction between man and animal lies in knowing how to represent oneself, i.e. art? Because judging by these images which describe well the way in which the xfactor live episodes take place, it seems that belonging to the same kingdom of living creatures is deeper than one might think. It would be very useful to study wild animals from the point of view of their ability to produce art, which is not done, however, because it is taken for granted that they are not capable of it, thus completely skipping the claim that artificial intelligence can learn it, before dedicating himself to identifying it in the countless animal species. I think we would understand the connection between the hyenas that attack the lion in a pack and the human behaviors that are staged and disseminated in television programs, where the fury of the majority is hurled against a single individual because of his virtuosity.”

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