Previews of Terra Amara tomorrow’s episode 19 November 2023

Previews of Terra Amara tomorrow’s episode

Bitter Earth, previews of tomorrow’s episode, Sunday 19 November 2023. The appointment continues with the unpublished episodes of Once Upon a Time in Çukurova, the Turkish dizi broadcast on Canale 5 starting last year. Let’s discover the plot of the episode Bitter Earth broadcast on Sunday 19 November 2023 according to the previews of the Turkish soap opera.

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Terra Amara, previews of Sunday 19 November 2023

In the episode of Bitter Earth broadcast tomorrow 19 November in prime time, Fikret causes a fire in the stables, taking advantage of the fact that the inhabitants of the villa and the employees are at little Adnan’s birthday party. Fikret did not know that Gaffur had found shelter near the stables and that he was sleeping there. Fikret almost risked killing Gaffur, even without his knowledge.

Meanwhile Demir and Züleyha have no doubts about the origin of the fire. The couple are absolutely convinced that Fikret is responsible, and Fekeli and aunt Lütfiye also think the same…


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The next morning, Fikret’s criminal conduct causes Demir and Fekeli to engage in a tense confrontation before the eyes of the entire city. The war between them seems to have broken out again and the situation becomes so complicated that Demir ends up firing three shots that hit Fekeli straight in the heart. Ali Rahmet collapses to the ground before the amazed gaze of the workers. Did Demir kill Fekeli?


All of Çukurova is aware of the fact that Demir shot Fekeli. Ümit rushes to report what happened to Fikret: Demir will go to prison and it is very likely that Fekeli is dead. What they all ignore is that it was a trap, a perfectly crafted plan with the intent of bringing Fikret out into the open, as Demir and Fekeli confirm to a desperate Züleyha.

When Fikret arrives at the estate, convinced that he will finally witness the defeat of his half-brother, he is shocked to see his uncle Fekeli alive and well: Demir reveals himself to his opponent and tells him that he wants to find a definitive solution to the feud that is ruining the lives of all of them. Fikret is not willing to negotiate: he wants Demir to admit in public that Adnan Yaman – their father – was an unfair man. Fekeli and Demir are therefore unable to reason with Fikret, who is determined to continue with his revenge.

How to watch Terra Amara on Mediaset Infinity in streaming

Where to watch tomorrow’s episode of Bitter Earth in streaming? It will be available on Mediaset Infinity, a free platform from Mediaset. To log in you need to create an account. Personal data and other essential data are sufficient, which you can also provide through a social profile.

Terra Amara repeat tomorrow

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The episode of Bitter Earth in repeat tomorrow will always be made available on Mediaset Infinity (ex Mediaset Play). The platform allows you to recover programs broadcast on Mediaset networks even after they have been broadcast, on demand, like a “replica”. It’s not a real replica, but it’s as if it were. The Turkish soap is also rerun every day on La5 with past episodes, and on Sunday mornings with the episodes broadcast by Canale 5 during the current week.

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