Friends 23, was Elia eliminated from the talent show? A photo of the dancer appears outside the school

Elia is one of the dancers in the Amici 23 class, but it seems that the student has been eliminated from the talent: here is the latest indiscretion.

The next episode of Amici23 you’ll see Elia Fiorea student of Emanuel Lo, in enormous difficulty: according to what the previews of the talent reveal to us Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi, the dancer will finish last in the dance competition judged by Garrison Rochelle and Nancy Berti. According to these results, Elia will end up in challenges for next week. But a new one indiscretion seems to have anticipated the fate of Emanuel Lo’s pupil.

Amici 23, Elia Fiore was eliminated from the talent show: the photo that reveals his fate

According to an indiscretion reported by the site GossipTv on the profile X of the page, it seems that Elijah left school Of Amici. As reported, it reads:

“Spoiler. I spotted Elia Fiore in Tiburtina. He may have lost the challenge and is returning home”

The news was accompanied by one photo which, however, leaves many doubts open: in the shot we see a boy with his back turned who resembles the dancer, but whose identity cannot be confirmed.

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Also, fans of the program Mediaset they know the challenge of Elia it should be recorded around next week, to be broadcast on Sunday 26 November. Therefore, at the moment, they could just be coincidences without any connection.

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