X Factor 23, Morgan speaks after the storm over the sentence addressed to Fedez: «I didn’t want to hit the patient»

Last night’s episode was undoubtedly the most discussed episode of X Factor 23, and not because of the performances of the competing artists. Last night’s episode of on social media. In this case we are talking in particular about what happened with Fedez, with a bad sentence said by Morgan which created a real media storm.

In last night’s episode, at a certain point Fedez invited Morgan to moderate his tone, with the former Bluvertigo singer’s reaction being: “Do you want to be my psychologist? Oh no, you’re too depressed.” Fedez’s response was: “I thank Morgan for tactfully pointing out that I suffer from depression”and you can clearly see that he was very upset by his colleague’s unfortunate statement.

Definitely a bad sentence and a bad moment, which we would all have gladly avoided. Once the episode was over, Morgan spoke about what happened, with these words reported by Repubblica: “I’m going home now after an episode full of tension. After that Fedez had been sarcastic towards me all evening, towards the end he morals to me. Using the word depressed was something I did ironically, more towards myself than towards him. I have a long history of depression, both personal and family.”

The judge then continued: “Don’t think that he wanted to hit the patient, I’m not supposed to refer to the medical records, I don’t want to offend anyone, for me it’s important to refer to depression due to my personal history. My father took his own life at the age of 46 because he had a depressive crisis, if we had called it depression maybe he would still be here.”

Finally, the sentence directed to Fedez:”Fedez I didn’t really want to offend you, it wasn’t in my spirit”.

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