Unwanted fourth episode: episodes 7 and 8 plot

Unwanted, the fourth episode broadcast on Friday 24 November

He reaches the end of the line Unwanted with the fourth episode airing on Friday 24 November. The TV series with Marco Bocci, Jessica Schwarz and Dada Bozela tells the Sky audience the story of a cruise ship that rescues twenty-eight migrants lost at sea. Right away the plot of the seventh and eighth episodes of Unwanted, broadcast on Friday 24 November 2023 starting at 9.15pm on Sky Atlantic and streaming on Now.

Unwanted fourth episode plot, previews

The fourth episode opens on the delicate situation of the previous one. Tareq is trying to negotiate with the army to reach an agreement. Diletta has recently discovered that she is pregnant and she has to deal with the request of Marem who – convinced that she is now safe – wants to get little Miracle back. Nicola made himself available to help the on-board security to defuse the situation, but he had his gun with him.

Trama Unwanted episodio 7

The news is public: the hijackers have no choice but to surrender. In the lobby of the ship a shot created panic, generating new tensions.

Trama Unwanted episodio 8

In the dramatic epilogue of the series we finally get to the truth about what happened on board the Orizzonte, while holidaymakers and refugees are forced to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Unwanted programming, when the TV series airs


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The programming of the TV series Unwanted kicks off on Friday 3 November at 9.15pm on Sky Atlantic, on demand and streaming on Now with two unreleased episodes broadcast every Friday for four consecutive weeks. Below are the events to mark in your calendar with the second season of the Sky Original TV series created by Sky Studios, Pantaleon Films and Indiana Production:

Unwanted in rerun, when to watch the TV series

In repeat, the Friday episode on Sky Atlantic – which includes two episodes, we remind you – is broadcast on Saturdays from 11.00 to 13.00 on Sky Atlantic, and – always on the same channel – also starting from 11.15pm. To find out all the steps, we recommend consulting the Sky TV guide.

Unwanted streaming, where to watch the TV series

In streaming, the TV series with Marco Bocci and Jessica Schwarz is available exclusively on demand on Sky and Now at the same time as it is broadcast on Sky’s linear channels.

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