The Railway Men: Bhopal 1984 TV series: cast, plot and release

The Railway Men Bhopal 1984, dal 18 novembre su Netflix

The Railway Men: Bhopal 1984 it is the first TV series made in partnership Between Netflix e YRF Entertainment. Defined as a thrilling story of heroism, hope and humanity, the series has been available since November 18th streaming.

Plot of The Railway Men Bhopal 1984, what is it about?

A story of extraordinary heroism displayed by Indian Railways employees in Bhopal. These individuals rose against all odds to save their fellow citizens on the night of December 2, 1984, fighting an invisible enemy in the air. Inspired by true stories, this compelling series is a celebration of humanity’s indomitable spirit. After a deadly gas escapes from a factory in Bhopal, India, some railway workers risk their lives to save people from a tragedy that leaves them speechless.

The Railway Men Bhopal 1984 Cast, Actors and Characters

In the stellar cast we find R Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Divyenndu e Babil Khan.

Episodes of The Railway Men Bhopal 1984, how many are there

There are four episodes of the miniseries, directed by Shiv Rawaii and written by Ayush Gupta per YRF Entertainment.

Trailer di The Railway Men Bhopal 1984

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The trailer highlights how courage can be found in the darkest moments and how ordinary men can face extraordinary challenges. It brings to light the heroic attempt of individuals who worked tirelessly and in a race against time to ensure the safety of hundreds of people on the fateful night of the world’s worst industrial disaster.

The Railway Men Bhopal 1984, stagione 2

Having been conceived as a miniseries, it is very unlikely that we will see a second season of The Railway Men.

The Railway Men Bhopal 1984 in streaming, dove vederlo

The new series The Railway Men: Bhopal 1984 is currently available to stream on Netflix. To access the video on demand platform and watch all the content, viewers must sign up for a monthly subscription. The available plans are as follows:

  • Standard with advertising: 5.49 euros per month;
  • Standard: 12.99 euros per month;
  • Premium: 17.99 euros per month.

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