The Crown 6: Prince Harry won’t watch the final season due to Diana’s death

The first four episodes of the sixth and final season are available for streaming on Netflix.

Il Principe Harry he has no intention of watching the last moments of his mother’s life, the Princess Dianain the final season of the TV series of Netflix The Crown. A source close to the Duke of Sussex reported this to the site Deadlineexplaining that the reasons are to be found in the “delicate nature” of the content.

The Crown 6: Prince Harry won’t watch the final season

Netflix has decided to split the final season of The Crown in two parts, with the first four episodes – focusing on the early relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed and their tragic death in a car accident in Paris in August 1997 – available for streaming yesterday. According to what the site has learned, Harry does not hold a grudge against the creator of the series Peter Morgan or Netflix regarding the direction of the sixth season and their vision, which may more or less differ from reality. He was not consulted and had no advance viewing of the episodes.

The Prince, who retired from public duties in the royal family in 2020 together with his wife and former actress Meghan Marklehe admitted in a recent interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he had watched the series in the past, joking that he checked the facts with pen and paper. In recent days, The Daily Telegraph had written that he had learned from a friend of Harry’s that the latter would at some point see the new episodes, evidently after having caught up with the previous ones, but this was denied by the source Deadline.

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In the past, guest of The Late Late Show with James CordenHarry had said he felt “much more comfortable with The Crown than with stories written about my family or my wife. It’s fiction, obviously, take it as you like.” Among the moments in season 6 that could be too painful for him is certainly Diana’s last phone call to her children, during which they declare their love for each other. Harry does not He has never made any secret of how the moment weighs on his mind, because he was “in a desperate hurry to get it done.” Other moments that could prove difficult for the Prince include a reference to Diana’s “ghost”, which infuriated TV critics in United Kingdom, and the scenes in which she jokes with the paparazzi, the same press that Harry blames for his mother’s death and despises for their intrusive tactics. “Every time I see a camera, every time I hear a click, every time I see a flash, it takes me back,” he said.

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