Men and Women, Barbara De Santi and Marco Viola, passion in the studio: “I haven’t felt this desire for a long time” (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Barbara De Santi and Marco Viola were the protagonists of a fiery confrontation. What will have happened?

Today, in the new episode of Men and womenthe dating show branded Mediaset on air Canale5we start with the throne over: after several days in which he had been nominated, the public finally knows the ex-boyfriend of Claudiawho sits in the study center together with Alessio. Lite and red flags galore between them, so much so that even Maria De Filippi intervenes to highlight the wrong attitude of the knight. It seems that between Barbara e Marco an unexpected chemistry has formed after the show in the last episode and the two seem very inclined towards each other.

Men and Women, Barbara and Marco hot in the studio: “I haven’t felt this flush in a while”

The production airs a video after the episode that shows the sadness of Claudia towards Alessio’s behavior, the way he’s been treating her lately. The lady appears in tears because she is tired of her fluctuating mood and the cruelty that she says about her. At the study center the two start arguing again, showing how toxic their relationship is, founded on insecurities and jealousies on both sides. The knight and the lady continue to accuse each other, in general silence, and do not seem to reach an agreement. Maria De Filippi lets in Marco, her ex-boyfriend, and this is a case that has never happened before in the history of the program. Marco is described by Claudia as a charming man and the presenter reveals that the new knight asked to participate in the dating show after he had, by chance, seen Claudia e Alessio in Lecce.

The newcomer declares that he chose to participate in the program to understand if his feeling for Claudia it ended and to do so he decided to take part in the dating show and get closer to her. This statement unleashes the fury of Tina Cipollariconvinced that the two agreed to have visibility. From Philippi underlines that, in this case, it will be up to Claudia decide whether to date him or not. The problem is that, although the lady had blocked him on her social networks and made it clear that she didn’t want to know more about him, the editorial team made sure to get him into the program. Their relationship ended in a negative way, so much so that the lady doesn’t want to reveal the reasons, despite it Alessio do everything you can to convince her to tell what happened.

Claudia she feared that her ex had come on the show to offend her and say something negative about her, therefore, she admits to don’t want it in the programbecause it would remind her of all the bad things that happened between them. Alessio instead he declares that he would like to see him stay to understand what could happen. Maria leave the choice to Marcospecifying that he had not called with that intention, but only this morning he revealed the real reason. Marco declares of not wanting to staybecause he knows he is not liked by Claudia. He intrudes Alessio who states he doesn’t understand why Claudia should be sick, since he should be indifferent to him as an ex. But the presenter tells him that it is impossible for an ex to be indifferent to you, especially if you have been through an intense relationship like theirs. According to the commentators Claudia still has feelings for her ex and she should be honest with Alessio e Marco.

Finally, the latter he decides to leave and says goodbye to everyone. According to Gianni, the ex should have stayed to help Alessio understand his and Claudia’s feelings, but Maria he intervenes and advises him not to be so jealous, because everyone has a past. In the end, Claudia reveals what happened between them: Marco had asked her to marry him and she had refused, because she had doubts. Alessio he declares that the lady still has the proposal ring at home, but the lady says she has never worn it and keeps it thrown away in a drawer. The presenter intervenes and scolds Alessio because he can’t dictate the past of another person and maybe he should ask himself two questions.

During a dance Barbara e Marcowho demonstrated a particular affinity during the women’s fashion show in which the two recreated the scene from Ghost, were very close and Barbara admits that she felt a certain inclination to sit next to him. Per Marco A lady, Jennifer, comes down from the USA, but although the knight finds her very fascinating, he doesn’t want to continue the acquaintance any further and sends her away. For Barbara there is a video from after the show in which she and Marco they talked and they declare that they were mutually surprised by the naturalness with which they touched each other and joked together during the show. Barbara she admits that she felt overwhelmed by the knight like she hadn’t felt in a long time, as well as Marco who reveals that he has never looked at her before with these eyes and that he feels a very strong urge for her, but doesn’t know whether to indulge her or not. Barbara invites him to dinnersurprising everyone, and after numerous hesitations, Marco accepts. Too bad the knight also reveals that this evening he will go out with another lady… Cristina!

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