Ilary Blasi arrives on Netflix with the documentary Unica: ”Too much has been said”

Ilary Blasi protagonist of the new Netflix documentary, Unica. Here’s when he will land on the well-known streaming platform.

Sometimes too much has been said, sometimes little has been said, sometimes it has been said wrong”, thus begins the teaser trailer of Uniquethe documentary about Ilary Blasi which will land next November 24 on the streaming platform Netflix. The presenter, after months of silence and a lot of gossip about her private life due to her separation from Francesco Totti and the officialization of her new relationship with Bastian Muller, is told in an unreleased documentary, ready to reveal her truth.

Ilary Blasi, Unica arrives on Netflix: the presenter ready to spill the beans

During the live broadcast of the Big Brother episode, broadcast on 16 November 2023, Ilary Blasi took all the limelight when, in the advertising interlude, the was broadcast for the first time Unica teaser trailera documentary in which the presenter will speak for the first time, revealing all the background information on her life and the recent gossip events that concern her, available from November 24, 2023 on Netflix.

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I want to tell you my story, tell you a little about myself and many things you don’t know. I hardly get excited, I’m agitated, I’m not at all anxious, but here we’re talking about me”, dice Hilary sitting in the center of the set that will see her as the protagonist with a decidedly shod title. Unique, in fact, is the very first dedication that her ex-husband made to her Francesco Totti during their first months together, when the footballer was still courting her at a fast pace, hoping to make her his.

And precisely of separation from Totti, Basi will talk about the gossip about betrayals, the new relationship with Bastian Muller and many background stories that have never emerged – or never been rectified – in the documentary that shakes the world of gossip. This is definitely the twist we all dreamed of and which will be available on the well-known streaming platform in a few days, to the delight of all those who want to know Ilary’s (and Totti’s) story in 365 degrees.

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