Ilary Blasi arrives on Netflix with a documentary film on the separation from Totti: «Now I’ll speak» (VIDEO)

Surprise announcement from Netflix: a docufilm with an interview with Ilary Blasi is about to arrive on the platform.

The news comes from the very last few hours, and essentially arrived at any moment: from next November 24th, in fact, it will be available on Netflix a documentary film with protagonist Ilary Blasi. The theme, needless to say, is the tumultuous separation from her ex-husband, Francesco Totti. A separation that has caused a lot of talk in recent years, and which has long filled the pages of Italian newspapers and magazines with an infinite number of true or presumed declarations. Statements that fueled the venom, and which seem to have convinced the presenter to tell her story in a long interview. The title? “Unique”, a probable reference to the t-shirt that Totti showed after a goal with the writing “6 unica!” dedicated, precisely, to Ilary Blasi.

Netflix presented the new production (destined to cause a lot of discussion) with a teaser of approximately forty seconds characterized by the words of Ilary Blasi herself: “Sometimes too much has been said. Sometimes little was said. Sometimes it was said that it was wrong. I want to tell you my story. To tell you a little about me and many things you don’t know.”

Ilary Blasi continues: “I hardly get excited or agitated, I’m not at all anxious. But here we’re talking about me, a story that everyone has talked about and about which a lot has been said”.

The documentary film, arriving next Friday on Netflix, It wasn’t well received – to put it mildly – ​​by subscribers to the platform: in fact, there were numerous negative comments from users, surprised by the announcement. The production, in any case, certifies the company’s growing editorial interest in wanting to give an increasingly generalist dimension to the offer: however it goes it will be a success, and the preventive criticisms seem to have involuntarily certified it.

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