Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, what news does Matilde have for Tancredi?

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, what news does Matilde have for Tancredi?

Previews of episodes 56-60 of The Ladies’ Paradise 8 are focused on Frigerio, great protagonist of this block of episodes. First he makes a decision without the right of reply with Tancredi, then leaves Villa Guarnieri. Matilde has to deal with the impossibility of forgiving her husband. Leave the Villa and does not return for two days. When she returns, presumably, she does so because she has something to say to her husband. In fact, from the official previews we read that “Matilde finally returns to the villa, but she has no good news for Tancredi“. Our hypothesis is that they are linked to the intervention of Di Sant’Erasmo.

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, will Tancredi never walk again?


Chiara Baschetti (Matilde Frigerio Di Sant'Erasmo) in a scene from episode 49 of
Chiara Baschetti (Matilde Frigerio Di Sant’Erasmo) in a scene from episode 49 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 8”. Credits: Rai


Following the accident, Tancredi cannot be operated on immediately. The prospect of an intervention, which had given him hope again, vanishes. In episode 45 of season 8 it is evening and Matilde returns to Villa Guarnieri from Tancredi. It’s not late, but Frigerio is already back. She had a lot of fun, but she didn’t feel like leaving him alone all evening. Matilde never went to a wedding without him. “If I can’t dance with you I don’t want to dance with anyone else”, says Frigerio. She then asks him if his leg hurts. “Not particularly” says Tancredi. He plays the music they danced to at the club. Matilde wants to support him.

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For the two, who are facing a significant crisis, it would be useful the turning point of the intervention to try to find a new balance and renewed serenity. In episode 17 of season 8 it emerges how much Tancredi’s condition weighs on him. The September financial statements go well beyond Tancredi and Umberto’s expectations. Di Sant’Erasmo has his mind elsewhere. He is thinking about the afternoon visit. It’s not easy for him to live with the cane. Every day his condition weighs on him more and more. Matilde has always put a lot of effort into their relationship. Tancredi can also pretend nothing has happened, but a look of commiseration is enough to bring everything back to the surface. When someone is in love he is willing to do anything. And if he could no longer have surgery, how would he find fuel to move forward in his relationship with Matilde?

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