Chicago Fire: Kara Killmer will leave the cast in season 12

The actress, who has played paramedic Sylvie Brett since the third season, is about to leave the series.

There is no peace for the cast of Chicago Fire. NBC confirms that another historical face of the successful series about the firefighters and paramedics of Chicago’s Station 51 will greet the public in the next, twelfth season. It’s about Kara Killmerinterpreter of the paramedic Sylvie Brett since 2014.

Chicago Fire will say goodbye to Kara Killmer in season 12

At the moment it is not clear in how many episodes of season 12 Killmer will continue to play Sylvie, just as we cannot know what circumstances will take her away from Station 51. The character appeared for the first time in Chicago Fire in the season three premiere, filling the void left by the death of Leslie Elizabeth Shay’s Lauren German. Aboard Ambulance 61, she was initially Gabriela Dawson’s partner (Monica Raymond), and for a while also her roommate, until the latter’s marriage to Matthew Casey. Then, after her third partner, Jessica Chilton (Dora Madison), was fired, Sylvie was promoted to paramedic in charge.

Among his loves are Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) in the third season; Antonio Dawson (the former star of Chicago P.D. Jon Seda), Gabby’s brother, in fifth and sixth grade; Chaplain Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears) in the seventh and octave; and finally Casey (Jesse Spencer), who has since become Dawson’s ex-husband, from the end of the ninth. In the tenth, theirs became a long-distance relationship when he moved to Oregon. This, inevitably, cooled the relationship, but in last season’s finale Casey returned to Chicago and proposed to Sylvie. Episode ended before she could give her response.

Everything suggests that Sylvie’s exit may have to do with that cliffhanger. The news follows the decidedly less depressing one by a few days return to the cast of Taylor Kinney, who will reprise his role as Lieutenant Kelly Severide in season 12 after taking an extended break from filming in January for personal matters. We also know that the co-showrunner Derek Haas will no longer be at the helm, a task now entrusted solely to Andrea Newmanand that the new season, airing in the United States early next year, will consist of just 13 episodes after delays caused by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, both of which ended in recent weeks.

Kara Killmer nostalgic on Instagram after the announcement

A few hours after the news of his imminent farewell to Chicago FireKara Killmer went on Instagram to share a series of photographs of his first days in the city and his state of mind. “These are the very first photos I took, or was tagged in, when I first arrived in Chicago,” she wrote. “Climbing into the Team 1 basket was my first time with the CFD (Chicago Fire Department) – some of the best firefighters in the country! The view from my first apartment was absolutely stunning and the start of a love story with the beautiful city of Chicago!”.

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