Amici 23, previews November 19: Results of Matthew’s challenge and performance rankings

The next episode of Amici 23 will be broadcast on Sunday 19 November at 2pm: here is a preview and some details on what we will see.

Amici 23, previews November 19: Results of Matthew's challenge and performance rankings

The recordings of the next episode of Amici 23 have been completed, and the show will air on Channel 5 Sunday November 19th. During the show, the students will compete in various tests, Matthew will try to defend his place in the school during a challenge, the singers will perform with some unpublished and two dancers risk leaving the talent show.

Guests and Judges of November 19th

In today’s episode the guests They were Michele Bravithe singer, who returned to the scene thanks also to the support of Maria De Filippi, performed to the tune of I hate ithis new single. Waxa student of the twenty-second edition of Amici, returned to the program to propose Afterout on digital platforms at midnight on Friday 17 November.

I judges of this episode are Achille Laurowho evaluated the singers’ performances, Garrison Rochelledance tournament judge and choreographer Nancy Berti. Carlo di Francesco will decide Matthew’s challenge.

Amici Singing Competition 23

The race was judged by Achille Lauro

  • Ayle – “Margherita”
  • Holden – “Panic” (by Lazza)
  • Lil Jolie – “Always Remember Us This Way” (di Lady Gaga)
  • Mew – “Still Into You” (dei Paramore)
  • Petit – “Malafemmena”
  • Sarah – “Greedy” (di TateMcRae)
  • Measure – “If you are not with barre”
  • Matthew – “Love is” (by Nigiotti)
  • Stella – “Duemilaminuti” (by Mara Sattei)
  • Holy Francisco – “My Ex’s Best Friend” (with verses rewritten in Italian)

Tournament of the unpublished

Il unpublished tournament was judged by him Yonuts who will produce the winner’s video clip. They participated in the race Ayle, Holden e Lil Jolie, the top three in the singing competition rankings. There vittoria it went to Holden.

Amici 23 dance competition

Before the dance competition there was a tournament with the theme: sudden joy.

Themed Tournament

They were called to challenge each other Nicholas, who performed with Elena. The second dancer was Sofiawho she performed with Giulia Stabile. Finally it was the turn of Dustin who had her compatriot Isobel at her side.

Garrison Rochellejudge of this competition, awarded the victory to Nicholasthe only one to respect the theme of the tournament, despite the technical gaps. Thanks to this victory Nicholas’ team had a additional point.

The ranking after the performances

The Dance competition was judged by Nancy Berti. This is the classification after the additional point.

  • Gaia
  • Dustin
  • Fist
  • Giovanni
  • Sofia
  • Nicolas
  • Chiara
  • Marisol
  • Elia

Elialast arrived, next week will be in challenge. Simone still has it suspended mesh.

Homework assigned by professors

Giovanni carries out the task assigned by Alessandra Celentano at the end Raimondo Todaro he gives him the shirt back.

Holy Francisco carries out the task given to him by Lorella Cuccarini on the notes of Next to you by Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Anna Pettinelli him collect the shirt and tells him that he will return it after a conversation.

Matthew’s Challenge to keep the Amici 23 bank

Matthew is in challenge because the last week Tommaso Paradiso placed him in last place in his ranking.

Matthew was challenged by Sestowho during daytime said that he found the unreleased song by Rudy Zerbi’s student flat.

Carlo di Francesco has awarded the victory Matthewto the happiness of Mew, his girlfriend, to whom he had written a very touching letter read in the daytime of November 16th.


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