All American 6: when it comes out, plot, cast

All American 6 will be there

Yes it will All American 6. The formal renewal came in January, when Brad Schwartz, the president of entertainment programming for The CW network, confirmed that the series would also be part of the network’s schedule for the 2023/2024 season. This is not unexpected news: All American it’s the most-watched series on The CW network, and it’s relatively cheap to make compared to the now-defunct shows Arrowverse.

When All American 6 comes out

Now that the writers’ strike and the actors’ strike have ended, production on season 6 will begin in December. In recent months The CW had confirmed that the debut of the next episodes was scheduled for midseason, therefore we expect that in the United States the sixth season will air in the first months of 2024, but it could even be launched in late spring.

All American 6 in Italia

In Italy, the sixth season will be available – barring program changes – on Infinity+ after the conclusion of the American broadcast. The return of All American on our screens it will most likely take place in autumn 2024. We are waiting for an announcement from Mediaset in this regard to confirm it.

All American 6 plot

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Season six will continue to follow Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and his friends as they navigate adult life on and off the court. football. From the next episodes we expect the usual, irresistible mix of parties, love intrigues, university problems and hard life lessons learned at great cost.

How All American 5 ends

In the season five finale, Patience opens the door of the Baker house to find herself stabbed by Miko, the stalker. The latter, after hitting her, runs away from her. Patience pulls the blade from her abdomen and collapses to the ground.

Does Patience die in All American?

Will Patience die? We do not know yet. This is the first question that season six will have the task of answering. Making this twist even more tragic is Coop, who – just as Miko stabbed Patience – was on his way to the Baker house to confess to Patience that he still has feelings for her.

All American 6 cast, actors and characters

In the cast of the sixth season we expect to see Daniel Ezra in the role of Spencer James, Samantha Logan in the part of Olivia Baker, Bre-Z in the role of Coop, Greta Onieogou who lends her face to Layla Keating, Monet Mazur in the part of Laura Baker , Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker, Cody Christian as Asher Adams, Karimah Westbrook as Grace James, Chelsea Tavares as Patience and JJ Parker as Hunter Clowdus. We could see Taye Diggs again in the role of Billy Baker on the occasion of a special appearance, in view of the next cycle of the TV series.

All American 6 trailer, does it already exist?

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Although I obtained the renewal several months ago, production on season six has not currently begun due to strikes that disrupted activity in Hollywood from last May to early November. Therefore the trailer for the new episodes of All American season 6 is not yet available on YouTube. We hypothesize that it will be about two months after the debut of the next season on The CW in the United States. In the meantime, here is the promo for the finale of the fifth season:

All American 6 episodes, how many are there?

They are scheduled for season number 6 thirteen more episodes of 40 minutes each. The show is produced by Warner Bros. Television and CBS Studios in association with Berlanti Productions, with executive producers Nkechi Okoro Carroll (Rosewood, The Resident), Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale), Sarah Schechter (Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale), John A. Norris (Deception), Jameal Turner (Rosewood), Mike Herro (One Tree Hill) and David Strauss (American Woman).

All American 6 streaming, where to watch it

In streaming, the sixth season will once again be exclusive to Infinity+ in our country, after which it will arrive on Mediaset Infinity in conjunction with its broadcast on Venti. In the United States, the series is available on Max.

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