Yotobi lands on Netflix with Fuori Menù: the first episode is already available (surprisingly).

Well yes: Yotobi is ready for a new adventure, and this time he has landed on Netflix.

You know the famous meme with the amazed guy who progressively becomes more and more surprised and enthusiastic, right? Here, we offer you the ideal scenario to focus on it again through a three-part news story that concerns Yotobione of the most popular Italian YouTubers ever.

1. Yotobi made a new video. Wow.

2. Yotobi made a new video for Netflix. Double wow.

3. Yotobi has made a new video for Netflix and will curate a weekly column, already available with the first episode. Triple wow!

Karim Musain fact, has started an important collaboration with the streaming platform and will give life to a brand new format, entitled Off the menu. The target? The same description of the first episode, posted a few hours ago on the Netflix Italia YouTube channel, tells us this: “This is Fuori Menù, a format born on an evening like many others. Indeed, like everyone else: you just want to relax, dinner awaits you, but you can’t choose what to watch while you eat. Now, why choose, when Yotobi can help you discover the right title for the evening?”.

A very interesting idea, which arrived from one moment to the next as often happens with the YouTuber’s productions. A pleasant surprise that will solve more than one problem for many subscribers who are perpetually undecided about which titles to choose, and will give great pleasure to the author’s fans.

But what is the first episode, entitled, about “Don’t call them KARATE FILMS”? Let’s go back to the description: “In this first episode, Karim offers you the best martial arts films and series, exploring the catalog and using keywords such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and “WATAAA”. Take a seat, get inspired. Ah, and bon appetit!”.

In short, a very interesting collaboration was born. And we hope it can continue for a long time.

So let’s wish Yotobi the best: his contents always reserve many beautiful gems.

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