Big Brother, Letizia Petris close to Vittorio Menozzi: “He was the only one who…” (VIDEO)

Letizia Petris and her friendship at Gf with Vittorio Menozzi.

The wait is over. This eveningThursday 16 November 2023, on Channel 5 it will go a new and unmissable episode of Big Brother is on air. Meanwhile, a splendid and sincere atmosphere seems to have been created in the Cinecittà House friendship between Letizia Petris and Vittorio Menozzi.

The confessions of the two GF competitors

In the House of Big Brother a special friendship seems to have been born between Letizia Petris and Vittorio Menozzi. In fact, speaking with Beatrice Luzzi, the young photographer admitted that he no longer wants to show his weaknesses e di having found a real point of reference in the competitor:

I have to improve this thing, I have to relax. For me Vitto has always been a point of reference. We are different in character, but we have very strong points in common. When I had moments like that, he was the only one who could figure out where to go with it. He knows it. I know the woman I am and who I have become…

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For his part, Vittorio he tried to reassure Joy inviting her not to think about the judgment of others:

You have to stay calm. There are people who bother with other types of things. You have to know who you are, the thing that should interest you is whether these people change your state of mind, your mood and your awareness. When your references are fixed, the rest doesn’t matter. You can be happy even being heavy.

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