Big Brother, Giampiero Mughini withdraws from reality TV: the reasons

The journalist has decided to leave the Big Brother House: the decision during the twentieth episode.

Plot twist at Big Brother. During the twentieth episode, Giampiero Mughini has decided to retire from the reality show, a decision he had communicated to the authors of which he was also aware Alfonso Signorini who announced it during this evening’s live broadcast.

Big Brother, Giampiero Mughini leaves the reality show: “I’m here to make a speech which for me is stained with tears to tell you that in a few minutes I will leave this House”

“You were very discreet, you didn’t want to tell anyone. We kind of expected it, we didn’t think you would come this long. And it’s something we accept, God forbid. I tell you, not even with much regret, because I believe that you can continue here in the studio, even with Cesara, to express your thoughts, which are very important to me. Before you go, can I tell you something? Thank you” these are the words of the host after calling Mughini in the confessional.

The journalist then communicated this to the other gieffini explaining the reasons that led him to this decision:

“Given that mine are trifles compared to what happened to Alex. I am here to make a speech that for me is stained with tears to tell you that in a few minutes I will leave this House, where you tolerated me not even cooking a boiled egg. This is due to cowardice, after a month in which I didn’t have my five newspapers and my library.”

“At 75% there is one thing you have to forgive me for: there is a book I have to deliver by December. I can’t give up this book. This book of mine has reached its eighth month, I apologize. It’s very painful for me. Each of you is expected at my house for lunch”

All the tenants, moved, said goodbye Mughini hugging him.

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