Men and Women, “Maria De Filippi prepares a twist regarding Tina Cipollari”

The weekly Nuovo Tv has revealed that Maria De Filippi is planning a plot twist involving Tina Cipollari, historic commentator on Men and Women.

The weekly New TV revealed that MAir De Filippi he would be planning a twist that concerns Tina Cipollari, historic commentator on Men and Women alongside Gianni Sperti.

“Revolution in Men and Women. Ida Platano is the new tronista and Gemma Galgani takes the sunset avenue. Meanwhile Maria De Filippi prepares a twist regarding Tina Cipollari. This is a novelty which as protagonist will have the famous columnist of the transmission”

The news was also confirmed by Novella 2000: “It would seem that Maria De Filippi wants to implement a real revolution within the dating show. After focusing on Ida, the presenter, she would have a huge twist in store, which would concern none other than Tina Cipollari. Currently we still don’t know what it is, however the first hypotheses have already appeared on the web.”

What news could this be? At the moment everything is top secret man in the dating show created and hosted by Maria De Filippi there is an air of change like the arrival on the throne of Ida Platano, former lady of the throne. In fact, it is the first time that a face from the senior parterre will sit on the coveted red chair and Platano’s age also represents an absolute novelty. The lady from Brescia is 42 years old and on the throne dealing with her suitors and suitors, the maximum age she has ever reached was 35. That Maria want to experience it Onions next to Ida looking for his other half? In fact, at, the vamp declared that she is currently single: “Because if you want gold you can’t be satisfied with a silver mine. So there is someone, but they are cheap and nothing strong”he has declared Tina to the microphones of Silvia Toffani.

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