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The Bold and the Beautiful, Previews Episode of November 15, 2023: Things are going badly for Deacon. You risk ending up in prison again!

The Bold and the Beautiful, Previews Episode of November 15, 2023: Things are going badly for Deacon.  You risk ending up in prison again!

Let’s see what the Previews reveal of the episode of The Bold and the Beautiful broadcast on November 15, 2023 on Canale5. The plots of the Soap episode reveal that Deacon will try to kick Sheila out of her house but to no avail. Things are going very badly for him!

In the episode Of Beautiful aired on November 15, 2023at ore 13.45 are Canale5, Deacon will try to get rid of Sheila. The Previews dell’Soap episode they reveal to us that Sharpe will try to throw Carter out of the house e di Don’t get into trouble. In fact, if anyone finds her in her home, he will end up straight in prison. Deacon is on probation and it doesn’t take much for him to say goodbye to his new life. Meanwhile Brooke will reveal to Hope Of be certain that behind Thomas’ decision there is it Taylor’s hand.

The Bold and the Beautiful Previews: Deacon wants answers from Sheila

Sheila has come out and left Deacon speechless. The Sharpe has discovered that Carter is alive is that he fooled everyone. There is, however, a macabre detail That he would like her to explain to him. The bartender will ask her how she thought about cutting her finger of the foot and let the rangers find it. Sheila will answer him in the calmest way in the world and he will reveal to him that he gave the Forresters the proof they wanted and which was used to believe her dead and not to get back on her heels again. A plan that worked, since everyone thinks she is dead.

Beautiful Previews: Deacon risks ending up in prison

Sheila will reveal to Deacon to have came to him because she didn’t know where else to go. As has already happened in the past, Sharpe’s house is the only “safe” place for her. The bartender won’t be happy about it at all. Indeed it will be more than ever eager to see her goper Don’t run any kind of danger. It will remind her to be on probation e di always be under close supervision. If anyone found her there, they would both end up in prison. But despite the insistence, Sheila won’t leave the apartment of Hope’s father, who he will sweat cold when his vigilanteJacob, he will knock on the door to check that he is not doing something illegal.

Beautiful Plots and Previews: Brooke is convinced that Taylor is plotting against her

The Douglas story and Thomas’ decision to have him back, have upset Brooke and Hope. But if Logan junior is trying to find common ground with the father of her child, his mother has now taken charge. Yes it is indeed convinced that everything is happening be a Taylor planper take away his nephew and husband. Brooke knows about Taylor and Ridge’s kiss and it’s certain that her rival is making sure of to have her spouse all to herself, playing the “happy family” card. The blonde he will swear to his daughter not to allow anything or anyone and turn against them. Meanwhile Eric will confess to Donna to be happy to welcome his grandchildren into his home.

Let’s find out all of them Weekly Previews Of Beautiful from 13 to 18 November 2023.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Saturday at ore 13.45.