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Men and Women, the former lady Elena Di Brino speaks after the stormy farewell to the program: “I lost my temper because..”

Men and Women, the former lady Elena Di Brino speaks after the stormy farewell to the program: "I lost my temper because.."

Interviewed by Lollo Magazine, the former lady of the over throne of Men and Women told how her relationship with Maurizio Laudicino is progressing.

After her stormy and controversial farewell to the program, the former lady of the throne over of Men and women, Elena Di Brino, he told how his is progressing frequenting Maurizio Laudicino (here is the interview with the knight of the over throne).

Men and Women, Elena di Brino speaks: “I lost my temper because the pressure was too much”

A Lollo MagazineElena stated.

“Of course the contact continues. From the first days there was a strong connection that continues to exist. Maurizio is a man with a big heart as well as a big head. I found it in the people who welcomed me, they really have affection sincere for him and it’s beautiful to see how much they care about making him happy. As for those who didn’t believe… time, life and the growth paths I’ve taken have taught me that you can’t help those who don’t want to be helped and you can’t convincing those who don’t believe or see. Besides, I don’t care much. I don’t have to convince anyone or prove anything except to myself and to the people who love me. Time will demonstrate what matters. Anyone who knows me knows who I am I’m always authentic, true. I paid dearly and without discounts but I’m standing. The plans are to get to know each other, hang out, live together. Clearly, many kilometers apart don’t help. I’m not an obstacle, but they certainly would have been more easy in Rome two hours from my house, compared to 7 hours of travel. We were not given this opportunity and I regret it.”

Maurizio he said he found great affection from the public and the former lady confirmed it:

“The thing that really moves me is the enormous female solidarity I’m experiencing. Women of all ages who respect me, appreciate my way of being and acting, crazy. I’m sensitive, so I often get moved by to all this. I have always strongly believed in the union between women. I have always teamed up with them in the professional field and with excellent results, but in general women struggle to do so and this is a real shame. A handicap that is often paid in the workplace. Seeing how things are changing fills me with joy. Then what can I say, there are detractors and there will be anyway, a bit like in everyday life. But when you are certain of yours, it matters little !”

The former lady said she was sorry to having lost patience during the episode but both she and Maurizio they had been quite targeted for several days, especially from Tina and Gianni Sperti:

“I lost my temper because at a certain point the pressure was too much… the work, the climate I was breathing; and the part of me that I have always tried to channel in a more constructive way came out. I’m not very proud of it, honestly. How much less in ways”

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