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John Wick 5: the script is ready, confirmed by Lionsgate

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The president of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group confirms that a fifth installment of the John Wick franchise is officially in development.

John Wick 5: the script is ready, confirmed by Lionsgate

After the strike ended, Joe Drake (president of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group) confirmed in a quarterly earnings call that the John Wick 5 is officially being written, and the script is almost ready: “As for the John Wick franchise, we have several spin-off series in the works, the Ballerina movie coming out next year, and John Wick 5, which they’re finishing the script for. We started working on it right when the strike started of the writers and we went back to work as soon as it was finished.”

It seems like Lionsgate is busy making the most of the popularity of John Wick and the star of the series, Keanu Reeves, and those plans include an ever-larger franchise world behind the title character. The first example of a spin-off in this world was the series The Continental: From the World of John Wickwhich aired on Peacock and streamed on Prime Video earlier this year, followed by Ballerinaanother spin-off prequel story following an assassin played by Ana de Armas. Despite the studio’s intent to grow the franchise with stories like this, news of the writing of John Wick 5 confirms that they are still determined to bring Reeves back as well despite his character’s death in the fourth installment.

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Interviewed by ScreenRant for the promotion of the film at the Oscars, producer Basil Iwanyk revealed that, initially, Keanu Reeves he wanted a different death for his character in John Wick 4. Both the actor and director Chad Stahelski had wanted the protagonist to die since the second film, but the production asked him to postpone this ending as long as possible.

“After two, three or four films, making them becomes really exhausting. Keanu is destroyed, physically and emotionally. At the end of each film he always says: ‘I can’t do this again’, and we agree with him”, says the producer . “He’s a shadow of himself, because he gives 100% and puts his heart and soul into it. This time he said to us, ‘I want to die once and for all at the end of this movie.’ And we said, ‘You know what? ‘We’ll leave a 10% chance that this isn’t the case.'”