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2 Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found, But They Remain Private

2 Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found, But They May Remain Private

Written by: Alessandra MotisiPublication date:

The recent discovery of two lost episodes of Doctor Who, featuring William Hartnell in the role of the Doctor, he aroused great enthusiasm among fans of the historic television series. However, the possibility that these episodes will be made public remains uncertain.

The search for lost episodes has been a constant mission for fans and the BBC, especially since many copies of episodes from the Hartnell, Patrick Troughton e Jon Pertwee they had been eliminated from the network in previous years.

These episodes were reportedly rediscovered after decades of absence but, unlike other episodes which were rediscovered and subsequently distributed by the BBC, the current owners of these recordings have decided not to make them available to the public. Their reluctance is due to fear of possible legal retaliation from the BBC, as former employees of the organization could be accused of theft for having preserved these episodes.

This development comes as a major disappointment to fans of the TV series, who were hoping to see these historical snippets of British television.

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