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Unwanted 1×03/1×04 – The rules of travel

Unwanted 1x03/1x04 - The rules of travel

The following article contains SPOILERS about Unwanted: Hostages of the Sea.

The first two episodes of Unwanted: Hostages of the Seahad introduced the public to a decidedly atypical context, in which a sumptuous and sumptuous cruise ship, called Orizzonte, comes across a group of 28 migrants returning from a shipwreck in the middle of the Mediterranean. The survivors are rescued and take their places on the ship where, suddenly, all the spotlights are on them, learning to move in a world of lights and colors that until that moment they had never seen even in their remotest dreams. The most interesting aspect of the first two episodes of Unwanted, as well as the narrative leitmotif, was to study the behavior of passengers and castaways, who intertwined their lives and stories within a microcosm certainly suited to this type of comparison. In the third and fourth episodes of Unwanted the story comes to life: the character peculiarities of the individuals emerge and two real factions are created, not without contamination. Our review.

Uwanted, up until now, has given its best in representing the community, leaving some doubts for individuals, who are slowly finding a suitable connotation, some more, some less.

Tareq (640×360)

Arrigo, who immediately appeared as a privately fragile and insecure man, is increasingly having difficulty managing a situation bordering on the unthinkable: the Italian government is pushing for migrants to be brought back, and he, despite being well aware of the immorality of this gesture, initially decides to limit himself to following orders, choosing to suffer in silence fighting with himself and, above all, with his second Edith, who tries to convince him to change course , but who he finds hard to trust; Arrigo, however, has the ability to hide his doubts and worries like a true Captain should do, maintaining total calm in front of the more high-ranking passengers with whom he usually spends dinner. We haven’t yet understood whether Bocci convinces us or not in this role, perhaps because of that too clean face which always clashes a little in a context of moral conflictsor perhaps just because we are not the right people to judge him, since we are too attached to the memory of the upright commissioner Scialoja of Criminal novel. The one who is convincing us more and more is Tareq (Dada Fungula Bozela), something else interpreter of a very delicate role, even more borderline than that of the commander. Tareq is the natural leader of the migrants, but he hides a horrifying secret which, explained in a chilling scene, gives us a definitive picture of his mysterious character.

In the fourth episode of UnwantedIn fact, Ibrahim discovers that Tareq is hiding a bag containing money and a mobile phone with a Libyan card in the cabin, and later, when confronted with him, he recognizes the voice of one of his captors, one of those who tortured him and asked his family for ransom. Tareq is in fact a former member of the human traffickers, but his story is even more complex than it seems: a flashback shows us the scene in which Tareq, who fought for his people against the regime, returned home after a day at the front, he discovers that his family has been brutally exterminated by a mortar attack. The scene in question is strong, raw, of great intensity: Tareq, while digging among the remains of his house and his family, takes on an expression that will never abandon him again, accompanied by a deafening buzz that isolates him in pain, imprisoning him in a bubble in which he begins to believe that the only solution to survive, after having lost everything, is to not stop in the face of evil and, rather, to join he. Ibrahim, still traumatized by the violence he suffered, is unable to trust that man, who in the meantime is the only one who has understood that the Horizon will not ferry them to the promised land; that is how Tareq’s instinctive side emerges againthe primordial one, which pushes him to make crazy gestures in order to survive: he suffocates Ibrahim, his cabin mate, staging a suicide which he will use to incite the entire group of migrants against the crew, in the hope of taking control of the ship and to force the Commander and change course.

Meanwhile, on board the Orizzonte, migrants and passengers increasingly intertwine their stories, bringing out the character of the different pieces of the mosaic that Unwanted puts it on stage.

Unwanted (640×360)

The one between Elvis and Mary is, of all, the most genuine storyline: both, in their differences (and perhaps thanks to these), they can peek into each other’s souls, despite the fact that they come from two opposite worlds and despite the fact that the climate that surrounds them is certainly not the most suitable for socializing and leaving everyday problems behind. Elvis is the true soul of Unwanted: bold and proud he goes around the Orizzonte with his brand new Mbappé shirt, with dreamy eyes and with the awareness of being different from anyone else, in his uniqueness. Also unique is Jurgen, who finds himself on the cruise ship to make a career, to make his way, but who, when he understands the moral weight of the situation, doesn’t think twice and takes the side of the migrants, handing them over made the keys to the command bridge: Jurgen, moved by a myriad of conflicting feelings and which he had probably never experienced, releases his human side, feeling alive in entrusting his own life to the weakest. In the fourth episode of Unwanted there is space for many other moments of touching drama, interspersed with the didactic songs of the karaoke evening, which act as an omen for what is about to happen; the fate of the youngest of the migrants is in the hands of Diletta, who, driven by an innate maternal sense, decides to take her into foster care, begged by her mother, once she learns that the migrants will soon return to Libya, condemned to a new circle of hell.

Jurgen (640×360)

The most important turning point of these two episodes of Unwantedhowever, sees Arrigo as the protagonist, finally convinced to embrace Edith’s cause, which in the meantime has found an NGO ready to take care of migrants while avoiding political conflicts; Arrigo’s change of direction comes when he really looks inside himself, after Elvis and Ousmane, a former professional taxi driver, give him a copy of the travel rules that Ousmane provided to his passengers on long journeys through the desolate Saharan lands: despite having nothing, Elvis wants to thank Arrigo for the gift he gave him, and this gesture is summed up in the depth of its simplicity, as well as between the lines of a life manual, rather than a travel manual, of which the most important rule is to always be courageous and to hold firm to your decision, no matter what. The enlightenment that Arrigo needed, however, arrives precisely at the moment in which the migrants, led by Tareq, invade the command bridge, effectively generating the chaos that will spread in the next episodes of Unwantedin onda su Sky.