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Amici 23, exclusive interview with Spacehippiez: “I have no regrets, now I dream of San Siro”

Amici 23, exclusive interview with Spacehippiez: "I have no regrets, now I dream of San Siro"

The singer Spacehippiez talks about himself to

His single is called Solo Solo, ma Spacehippiez he is absolutely not alone, on the contrary he is surrounded by affection. The experience in the school of Amici it has in fact allowed the young singer-songwriter to make himself known and appreciated with his music, which is already requested by his fans on the various streaming platforms. Spacehippiez, real name Leonardo Rossiwas the first eliminated from the 23rd edition of Amici. Elimination came after one challenge against Samuspinabut which did not disappoint the singer who, to the microphones of, said himself enthusiastic and satisfied with the journey made in Maria De Filippi’s talent show.

Spacehippiez he told us exclusively about it from experience in the school of Amici 23also characterized by the criticism received from the professors, to the beautiful relationship born with his companions and with his coach Lorella Cuccarini until the success of his single Solo Solo.

How did your passion for music and your stage name come about?

I started making music at the age of 16. In recent years I have studied music production in Milan and from there I have tried to turn my passion into a real job. My stage name comes from a model of shoes, then I’m fascinated by the Hippie world…so I thought I’d put the final z and so Spacehippiez was born (laughs ed.). My artistic project, or rather my first EP, was born in 2020. I fell madly in love with a girl and decided to write the entire EP for her. Let’s say it was a project of love.

Looking back on your journey and your last performance, do you have any regrets?

No, I have no regrets. I did everything I had to do and I had fun. That’s fine. I am grateful for all of this. Friends it was an immersive, stressful experience, there’s no denying it because there are many difficulties, but above all an unforgettable one. Immersive because you can’t perceive it from the outside, but the tension inside the school is not indifferent. It was an evolutionary path, I was only there for a month but on a human and professional level I grew a lot. It wasn’t easy, but if I could go back I wouldn’t change a thing.

What was the best moment you experienced in school?

We had a lot of fun last week with the boys. I bonded with everyone. In the last few days we met in the evening with Lil Jolie, Simone and Sarah to talk and confide in each other. But also with Holden, who was my roommate, and Ezio. I found all special people. We will definitely see you again outside.

Samuspina’s choice to leave Amici immediately made you think about Cricca’s path and your possible reinstatement. Did you hope for it?

Yes, of course I hoped so. I’ve definitely thought about it. I know it’s very unlikely, but I thought about it. And I would definitely come back! People wanted me to come back after Samuspina’s decision to leave Amici, but that’s how the show works. Once you leave with the challenge, you never come back.

During your journey there has been no shortage of criticism…

Citics are always constructive. You have to know how to manage them and understand where the limit is. When Rudy Zerbi or Anna Pettinelli herself criticized me, I worked to improve and make them change their minds. I have always questioned why this is the only way to grow. The challenge is also important and necessary. In the program there are dynamics that cannot be controlled, when they decide to challenge you you can’t help but accept it and give your best.

On the one hand Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi, but on the other Lorella Cuccarini, who believed in you from the first moment…

Lorella is an incredible person, both from a human and professional point of view. She has a big heart, an impressive sensitivity. She believed in me from the first moment, she tried to help me always improve. She also invited me to go see her show at her theater, Rapunzel. Our relationship is very beautiful and continues outside too.

What do you expect from this experience?

Now I’m preparing the tour, I want to play as much as possible and present my single Solo Solo, which will be released soon. Solo Solo I wrote it when I was very much in love. It’s a song born straight away, true and fresh. I don’t think I’ve ever written a song in such a short amount of time. To date I can say that the feedback is certainly positive. I’m preparing many beautiful things, I want to make my music known and meet all the fans at my live shows. My biggest dream? Fill San Siro.

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