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Men and Women, Gabriella La Torre: ”It didn’t work with Silvio because…”

Men and Women, Gabriella La Torre: ''It didn't work with Silvio because...''

Gabriella La Torre returned to the study of Men and Women but received a cold shower from meeting Silvio. Here because.

Familiar face in the studio Men and women, Gabriella La Torre she came back to meet and court Silvia Venturini. The knight, however, showed little interest according to the lady and the meeting ended in nothing, amidst a sea of ​​controversy. Here’s how she commented.

Men and Women, Gabriella La Torre does not forgive Silvio

During the latest edition of Men and women, Gabriella La Torre she was not particularly well liked by the female parterre of the over throne, in particular by Gemma Galgani with whom he argued more than once. The lady left the program and then returned a few weeks ago in the study at the court of Silvio Venturini, former flame of Turin. If initially the relationship seemed promising, the acquaintance ended abruptly due to important underlying differences, as Gabriella told the official magazine of Men and Women.

“Even if things didn’t work out with Silvio, I’m happy to be back and I’m optimistic, let’s see what the future holds for me. I have no regrets but we are polar opposites! I was attracted to her extravagance, other than that there wasn’t much content as far as I was concerned. She has a very original way of presenting herself but his originality is dedicated only to the more physical aspects of knowledge”.

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In the last episode of Men and women, Silvio accused Gabriella that I wanted to end things with him because he was a classist. An accusation that the lady rejects to the sender, as well as returning to talk about those received during the last edition when the ladies pointed out her as a woman ready to go out with the entire male parterre, without giving herself too many worries.

“If I had really been classist like that I wouldn’t have wanted to meet a man who, since his acquaintance with Gemma, has clearly shown that I am not a dandy and that I don’t focus on elegance to conquer a woman. If anything, when I was younger I could be defined as selective: I wasn’t free from the mold, for example I would never have dreamed of approaching a man without a degree at 20 or 30 years old. As I grew up I became more confident: I have a career, my independence and I have developed a more structured personality and I have no problem going further even with men who are culturally distant from me.”

Finally, Gabriella admitted that she has improved her relationship with Gianna Galgani after the furious discussions that marked their last dialogues, trusting that she has learned to think more about herself than about what is happening around her.

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