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Big Brother: Ciro Petrone, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jill Cooper risk elimination

Big Brother: Ciro Petrone, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jill Cooper risk elimination

No elimination in the eighteenth episode of Big Brother: three contestants are nominated for elimination.

Big Brother: Ciro Petrone, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jill Cooper risk elimination

The episode of Big Brother of November 9th did not eliminate any competitor from the most watched company in Italy. Greece Apiaries was the most voted by the public, Ciro Petrone got the lowest percentage automatically finishing in nomination together with Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jill Cooper. One of the three Mondays will leave the reality show forever.

Tensions and Intrigues in Big Brother: Summary of the November 9th episode

Massimiliano Vs All

Massimiliano is in crisis in the Big Brother House because it feels excluded from the other competitors since he put aside his rivalry with with Beatrice. During a dinner, she argues with everyone and says she brought joy to the Loft. Cornflower she replies that they don’t owe him anything and that she doesn’t like his attitudes.

Big Brother Massimiliano Varrese Pxeqp6P

Today Massimiliano discussed with the other competitors

Heated Rivalry: Massimiliano vs. Joseph

Massimiliano it also has one strong rivalry with Giuseppe, who accuses him of using Beatrice to stay in the game. Garibaldi, in turn, is suspected by Massimiliano of doing the same. Beatriceon the other hand, seems to appreciate Massimiliano’s interest and defends her relationship with Giuseppe, who shows her affection and passion.

Big Brother Beatrice Luzzi

Beatrice is still at the center of the dynamics of the house

Giuseppe and Beatrice they also receive some planes, but they are not for themit turns out that the “G” on the plane stood for Greece, fans celebrated thefriendship between the two women. Beatrice believes that Giuseppe is sincere with her.

Greta Against Angelica: Mirko Torn Between Two Women

In the previous episode GretaMirko’s girlfriend, intervened in the house for attack Angelicacalling it a “dead cat“because he would be hitting on Mirko.

Despite the other roommates’ criticisms of the former temptress, Mirko defends Rossetti and says he has feelings for her, but doesn’t know if she’s there right person for himtheir love has just blossomed and he can’t be sure as long as he remains in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Angelica Baraldi 1

Angelica was accused of hitting on Mirko

In the meantime Greta sent a message to Mirko in which she urges him not to fall for Angelica’s games and defend their relationship. Angelica replies that she will continue to play the “dead cat” with Mirko.

Giampiero Mughini: Shares his Personal Story

The journalist Giampiero Mughini he shared his personal story with the public, in particular the difficult bond with his father. The journalist said he had a conflicting relationship with his parent, his parents separated when he was 5 years old.

Dad had been a fascist and I was a reckless leftist. He never said a word to me. I think he told me in all my twenty sentenceseach of which is etched into my skin “, Giampiero recalled in the clip shown to viewers.

Letizia and Paolo: Problems After the First Kiss

Letizia and Paolo after the first kiss they started arguing, he claims to be very involved but the photographer wants it go slowlyconsiders Masella’s attitude too morbid, respects his jealousy but sometimes finds it heavy, also considering the context in which their relationship was born.

Do you think you’re as into Paolo as he is into you?“, Alfonso Signorini asked the girl. Letizia’s response was lapidary: “no“.

Grecia Colmenares is the public favourite

Last Monday, seven competitors ended up nominated. Here are the percentages that they have that have allowed to Greece Apiaries to be the most voted

Greece Colmenares 19%; Letizia Petris 17%; Giuseppe Garibaldi 16%; Vittorio Menozzi 16%; Massimiliano Varrese 15%; Giampiero Mughini 8.7%; Ciro Petrone 8.3%.

Ciro Petrone is the least voted and it will automatically be at nomination eliminatoria of the next episode, the one broadcast on Monday 13 November.

Big Brother Alex Schwazer

Alex Schwazer is among this week’s immune recipients

The nominations and those who are immune from the eighteenth episode of Big Brother

The November 9th nominations sent the preliminary televoting of three contestants. I House favourites I’m Alex. Beatrice, Vittorio, Anita. Cesara Buonamici gave theimmunity to Massimiliano Varrese and Mirko.

The Appointment

  • Ciro nominates Giuseppe
  • Rosy nomina Grecia
  • Grecia nomina Rosy
  • Angelica names Giuseppe
  • Paolo names Fiordaliso
  • Jill mentions Giuseppe
  • Giuseppe names Jill
  • Fiordaliso appoints Giampiero
  • Letizia nominates Jill
  • Giampiero nominates Letizia
  • Beatrice nomina Jill
  • Massimiliano nominates Angelica
  • Alex nominates Giuseppe
  • Anita nominates Giampiero
  • Mirko nominates Fiordaliso
  • Vittorio nominates Angelica

Together with Ciro Petrone, al preliminary televoting are over: Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jill Cooper. On Monday we will know who among the three nominees will have to abandon the house.

Le clip del reality

In the clip uploaded on Mediaset Infinity Alfonso Signorini announces the results of the open and secret Nominations