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For Elizabeth Debicki “it was all too real” to play Lady Diana in The Crown 6

For Elizabeth Debicki "it was all too real" to play Lady Diana in The Crown 6

The Crown 6 is finally about to land on Netflix: on November 16th the first part of the final season of one of the best historical TV series ever will arrive.

In December the curtain will fall on the work of Peter Morgan which over the years has recounted the most important moments of Elizabeth II’s monarchy. While the public will be able to watch the first four episodes next week, we will have to wait until December 16th for the grand finale which promises to be very exciting. The creator of The Crown promised that in the upcoming episodes there will be a tribute to the queen, who passed away in September 2022. But first the viewers they must prepare to witness another extremely dramatic moment: the death of Lady Diana. The relationship with Dodi Al Fayed and the last days of the Princess of Wales will, in fact, be at the center of the first part of The Crown 6. Elizabeth Debicki will once again play Lady Diana, after having inherited the baton from Emma Corrin in the fifth season.

The actress herself spoke of the difficulties she encountered in playing this character in The Crown 6.

Being able to tell the fleeting moments of joy of a woman, who is still unaware of what is about to happen to her, must not have been easy at all. In an interview given to MailOnline Elizabeth Debicki spoke about the upcoming episodes of the Netflix original TV series in which she revealed what she felt on set. Filming the sequences in which Lady Diana experienced her last meeting with her beloved children William ed Harry in the south of France was extremely painful for her. She said:

We were in a wonderful place, to try and relax I tried to let those sensations overwhelm me, even though I knew what would come next. It was important to make sure there was real joy, happiness, lightness and genuine fun on screen.”

Peter Morgan decided not to show the moment of the crash of the car carrying the princess in the TV series. In The Crown 6 however the public will be able to see how journalists besieged the Princess of Wales, following her everywhere and documenting every moment of her existence. Elizabeth Debicki she explained that getting into character in the moments when she was persecuted by reporters was a terrible experience:

It was difficult to recreate it. It was heavy, manic and incredibly invasive. Being persecuted, even if pretended, was all too real. You have to put yourself in that situation even for just a minute before you realize that it is completely unbearable. You feel really trapped. It’s an unpleasant experience. It’s really awful to have so many people yelling at you and wanting something from you.”