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Men and Women, the former lady Pamela Barretta speaks: “Ida on the throne? Never has this happened to a tronista woman at 42”

Men and Women, the former lady Pamela Barretta speaks: "Ida on the throne? Never has this happened to a tronista woman at 42"

Pamela Barretta commented on the new path of Ida Platano, announced yesterday as tronista of Men and Women.

The former lady of the throne over Pamela Barrettacommented on the news on social media Ida Platano as the new tronista of Men and women. After the announcement on social media there was an inevitable chatter which also involved former protagonists of the Canale 5 dating show.

Uomoni e Donne, “If a woman has been left, cuckolded, unwanted etc… What should she wait for? Should she feel sorry for herself?” the words of Pamela Barretta for Ida Platano

Among these, precisely, Pamela, who reserved words of encouragement and support for Ida.

“I found myself with 300 questions about Ida. I’m very happy for her, I wish her good luck. I think that life should always reserve beautiful things for people who deserve it. I’ve always liked Ida, because she’s a good person, very sensitive. During her journey she has never been bad towards women, she only thought about her journey and therefore I am happy for her. She just has to be careful, because a good morning starts in the morning, let’s always remember that.”

The former Apulian lady then continued:

“I’m happy, only good things should happen to those who are unlucky in love.” It’s also strange that we put a 42-year-old woman on the throne, it’s strange because it’s never happened, this is true. But I don’t understand why someone can’t start a new life. It’s early, it’s not early… But if one of you feels like it… I don’t know exactly what happened to her, but let’s say a woman was left, cuckolded, unwanted etc… What do you have to wait for? What? Who? Why? This is what I think. Does she have to feel sorry for herself? No, one moves on and she starts a new life, that’s what I think. Always be against women. Then if you don’t like it, change the channel.”

“I just read a message that I don’t want to publish. Why do you always judge other people’s role as mothers? Why don’t you look at yourselves, it’s a very bad thing to do. You told me that I don’t give a damn about my son when I was in Dubai when in 2019 my son was 19. You are always criticizing, always judging. You speak without knowing just for the sake of saying mean things. You have to stop, but what do you know? So if I went on holiday I didn’t love my son “Women’s worst enemies are women.

“I think that after an important relationship you need to take some time, it’s true. I admit it, I think so too. But I don’t judge her for this, maybe she feels like doing it, we’re not all the same. Maybe she will feel like doing it and he does it. We don’t all think the same, we’re not all the same. Everyone does with their life what they want but it’s bad to always be there making serious offenses.

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