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Men and Women, Pinuccia Della Giovanna new tronista? The photo published by the former lady is going around the web!

Men and Women, Pinuccia Della Giovanna new tronista?  The photo published by the former lady is going around the web!

After Ida Platano, another former lady of the throne over on the throne? This is a photo of her as a toner… Pinuccia Della Giovanna!

The news of Ida Platano as the new tronista of Men and Women went around the web, sparking various controversies and reactions among fans of the program Mediaset broadcast every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, on Canale5. The choice of Ida as a new tronista, in fact, she has no precedent in the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi and it’s a truly surprising gesture. So much so that, now, there is another one too former lady of the throne over he may have shown ambitions as a tronista: we’re talking about Pinuccia Della Giovanna.

Men and Women, Pinuccia della Giovanna as a future tronista? The photo goes viral!

Since the classic throne has always been reserved for girls in their 20s and 30s, the choice of Ida is truly unusual: the former lady of the throne overIn fact, she is over forty and is a well-known face on the dating show, having been one of the protagonists of the over throne for a long time. Ida he left the show last year, in the company of Alessandro Vicinanza, after a long and tormented love story with Riccardo Guarnieri. She is determined to have her happy ending, Ida he was done with for good Riccardo and she seemed to have found happiness again next to the knight from Salerno, so much so that the two had been guests of the show at the beginning of the year and had appeared very close-knit and happy.

In his presentation video, Ida she revealed that she had been left by her partner, but did not provide further details, nor, according to the previews, can we expect a confrontation between the two soon. However, the revolutionary choice of Ida Platano as the host of the dating show sparked the imagination of fans, who created a fun photomontage with Pinuccia Della Giovanna come tronista! The former lady left the program last year, after several discussions even with the presenter herself, and returned to present her summer single, written to celebrate her experience on the dating show.

In the Photo, went viral on the web, Pinuccia sits on the throne as a tronista: it is, obviously, a photomontage and accompanying the ironic shot there is the following caption:

“After Ida, now we are waiting for her on the throne too #UominieDonne”

The photo was reshared by herself Pinuccia and who really knows, in the near future, the show will decide to place a more adult lady on the throne too. Now, after all, the precedent has been set…

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