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Big Brother, Angelica’s boyfriend does not spare Greta Rossetti: the thrust brings applause

Big Brother, Angelica's boyfriend does not spare Greta Rossetti: the thrust brings applause

Greta Rossetti returned to Big Brother for a confrontation with Mirko Brunetti, then the attack on Angelica who is defended by her boyfriend.

In the last episode of Big Brother we have witnessed several twists and turns, including yet another comparison between Greta Rossetti and Mirko Brunetti after the former temptress of Temptation Island accused gieffina Angelica Baraldi to do “the dead cat” with her ex. In Angelica’s defense, however, he intervened with a straight leg boyfriend Riccardo Romagnoli, with a 10 cum laude dissertation.

GF, Greta asphalted by Angelica’s boyfriend (VIDEO)

Angelica Baraldi ended up at the center of controversy after the unhappy phrases by Mughini, who mercilessly called her a bad name, and then affirmed his great respect for her and admitted that he was simply playing. The competitor of Big Brother she loves to charm and has great self-confidence, to the point of feeling deeply sorry for Mughini who, with his words, could have conveyed the wrong messages about her. Also Greta Rossetti, the ex of Mirko Brunetti who is almost more present in the House than the official competitors, had his say on gieffina by calling her “dead cat” for the attitudes he had with his former flame.

During episode of the Gf aired yesterday, which he saw the surprise elimination of Giselda, Greta he reiterated his thoughts on live TV, finding great surprise in the competitors who did not expect such criticism of Angelica. However, her boyfriend intervened in favor of gieffina I return to Romagnoli.

“My family and I are proud of you and know who you really are. Don’t poison your soul with these games (…) I really don’t accept morals from a woman who was a temptress on Temptation Island. Some things must remain in the social world. I want to reassure you. She says you touch male friends. I don’t see anything wrong with it, does touching a man mean trying? That’s not how it works (…) I know your qualities well and believe me we are all proud of you.”

The Richard’s dissertation really moved everyone, given that for once we didn’t witness the entry of a jealous and possessive boyfriend, who could have seized the opportunity to create controversy and ride his 10 minutes of fame, instead I want to reassure the woman who It’s clear he loves her very much.

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