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Beautiful American Previews: Thorne and Bridget back in Los Angeles. Will they return for Eric’s funeral?

Beautiful American Previews: Thorne and Bridget back in Los Angeles.  Will they return for Eric's funeral?

Spoilers reveal that in the next American episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorne and Bridget will return to Los Angeles. Will their return home be for Eric’s funeral? Let’s find out what we know about the next implications of the Soap.

It’s been days now that we talk about Eric Forrester’s terrible health condition and of his probable death. The news has not yet been confirmed give her American Previews but both these and the spoilers continue to confirm this terrible prospect. The latest in chronological order is the one that announces the Thorne and Bridget return to Los Angeles.

Beautiful American Previews: Thorne returns to Los Angeles

Il Bridget’s return doesn’t surprise us that much. Brooke and Eric’s daughter is indeed usually pops up every now and then in Los Angeles. Chi it makes us foresee That something doesn’t go as we hope – or that Eric does not die – It’s Thorne. Ridge’s brother and Forrester’s natural son, he is absent from the soap’s plots for several years in both the Italian and American episodes.
After the end of his relationship with Katie, Forrester decided to take over the company’s branch in Europe and he never came home again. Il his return leaves us guessing That something has to happen and so be it very serious. After post published dal executive producer of The Bold and the Beautifulit occurs to us that it can to be returning for his father’s funeral and this worries and saddens us greatly.

American Bold and the Beautiful Previews: Bridget returns home

The American magazine Soap Digest, the official news source for all soap operas broadcast in the United States, informed us of Thorne’s return and subsequently of Bridget’s. The article talks about the return home of the Forrester and his half-sister, whose return makes us less suspicious. Bridget usually comes home every now and then from his mother and father and spend a few days in their company. Among the last times we saw her was during the divorce between Eric and Quinn. The girl then could come back to say hello but unfortunately, as mentioned, the Thorne’s presence does not give us hope in nothing good.

American Bold and the Beautiful Plots and Previews: Will Thorne and Ridge fight for the inheritance?

Assuming Eric’s funeral happens – e we will have confirmation in the next few days – il Thorne’s return could be cause several problems for Ridge. I two brothersnot always united, could find themselves against each other, due to his father’s inheritance. Surely Ridge will try to get himself confirmed as CEO of Forrester but it could emerge – in our opinion – avery different idea on Thorne’s partdecided instead to take on more power in the family business and not to be delegated only to the European affairs of Forrester Creations.

We’re talking hypothetically. L’only certain thing currently is that Thorne and Bridget will return while there is no mention of Rick, Felicia and Kristen, far from home and their family. Will they also return to Villa Forrester after finding out about their father’s terrible illness or even for his funeral?

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Saturday at ore 13.45.