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Men and Women, “I didn’t expect Manuela to abandon the throne because…” speaks Michele Longobardi

Men and Women, "I didn't expect Manuela to abandon the throne because..." speaks Michele Longobardi

Michele Longobardi comments on Manuela Carriero’s farewell to Men and Women.

Michele Longobardi he returned to talk about his experience at Men and women. Interviewed by Lorenzo Pugnaloni for Casa Lollo, the former friendly suitor took stock of his journey and commented the choice of the tronista Manuela Carriero to abandon the Canale 5 dating show.

Michele Longobardi’s confession

Manuela Carriero he decided to conclude her journey to Men and Women alone since, according to her, both of her suitors had shown up in the studio solely and exclusively for visibility. Particularly, Michele Longobardi who in an interview given to Lorenzo Pugnaloni tried to defend himself from the accusations by revealing:

I didn’t know anything about his previous television career. I learned about it from an article after the first episode. But as far as I’m concerned there was no prejudice. I also don’t agree with the fact that it was there for visibility as some have charged. I thought that like me she is a person accustomed to cameras and that she likes them, but she was really looking for love.

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L’former suitor of Men and Women he then went on to comment on the Manuela’s decision to abandon the throne:

I didn’t expect him to abandon the throne. She chose me and Carlo, she was very selective. Moving forward there were other guys she didn’t like even for small things. I thought we had started a relationship, I wanted something that started on the right foot and I wanted to see if there were these premises. And going forward I saw that on my part there were no…

I was quite atypical as a suitor because I never denied feeling like the chosen one. There was a small chance I wasn’t, I based it on my path. I didn’t feel like leaving the program with one person just to host or sponsor. I don’t need a face-to-face confrontation. I’ve been pretty clear, so I don’t think it’s necessary.

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