Saturday, February 24, 2024

Fedez insulted on social media, the rapper does not stay silent and demolishes his hater!

Fedez insulted on social media, the rapper does not stay silent and demolishes his hater!

Fedez was heavily insulted on social media, but he decided not to remain silent, responding in kind to his hater. Here’s what happened!

Fedez he returned to work on his podcast Muschio Selvaggio after the difficult weeks experienced: the rapper, in fact, had been urgently hospitalized at Fatebenefratelli in Milan for a haemorrhage caused by two ulcers. A situation that led him to forced hospitalization, which lasted about ten days and only a few weeks ago Fedez has reunited with his wife Chiara Ferragni and his children Leone and Vittoria.

Fedez responds in kind to a hater on social media!

Despite the difficult situation he experienced, the rapper immediately started working again as soon as he received the positive opinion from the doctors and thanked several times not only the hospital staff who helped him, but also Chiara Ferragni, who was close to him in this difficult situation. Furthermore, the rapper wanted to launch a petition to defend the psychologist bonus, at risk of elimination, to guarantee minimal help to all those who feel the need.

Having suffered first-hand from depression and anxiety, Fedez thus decided to contribute and launch the petition for the bonus, a collection of signatures which in a very short time obtained over 200 thousand signatures. The singer found himself having to respond to various insults leveled against him by haters already during the post-hospitalization period, so much so that Giulia Salemi intervened in his favor on social media. One of the latest concerns a very serious insult, directed at him by a hater who commented on social media:

“If you see Fedez from Green Day tomorrow, shoot him on sight for me to this rich bastard”

The tweet went viral due to the cruelty and threat it contained, so much so that even Fedez he read it and decided to respond in kind, completely demolishing the hater on duty:

“I had other things to do, but now it seems right to go there just to have your ass eaten. A kiss from the rich bastard”