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Big Brother, Alex Schwazer’s truth about the arguments in the House: “I’m in trouble because…” (VIDEO)

Big Brother, Alex Schwazer's truth about the arguments in the House: "I'm in trouble because..." (VIDEO)

Alex Schwazer unbalances himself on the numerous discussions that break out in the Big Brother House.

There’s very little time left until new episode of Big Brotherwhich will go broadcast tonight Monday 6 November 2023 on Canale 5. While waiting, the sportsman Alex Schwazer he let himself go to one vent in which he commented the dynamics of the game and the numerous arguments that broke out in the Cinecitt√† House.

Alex Schwazer’s difficulty

Confession time for Alex Schwazer al Big Brother. Talking with Vittorio Menozzi and Paolo Masella, the sports champion was unbalanced on the dynamics of the House. All three contestants found each other You agree that we often argue and create tension for trivial reasons and of little importance:

I’m honestly having a lot of trouble here, about the speed and intensity of arguing and then being together again afterwards. I mean… I argued with Bea, we disagreed, we just live together… it’s not like now I’m going to become one of the three most trusted people in the House, I wouldn’t like this. Instead here the opposite happens, everything happens at supersonic speed, I don’t know what the reason is but for me this is not normal. Whether we live together well or badly depends entirely on the group.

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After listening to the Alex’s point of view, Vittoriowhich has often found itself at the center of numerous discussions, claims that some of its tenants sometimes sin of superficiality:

Sometimes we argue about stupid things. As far as private or family issues are concerned, no, I wouldn’t overlook it so easily either. Also because then you can’t understand if it’s a fake friendship or a fake argument. I often ask myself this… It is also a question of maturity and the desire to be tolerant and to make oneself available to others.

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