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Men and Women, Michele Longobardi returns to comment on his farewell to the program: “I didn’t want to be chosen, because…”

Men and Women, Michele Longobardi returns to comment on his farewell to the program: "I didn't want to be chosen, because..."

Michele Longobardi, former suitor of the tronista of Men and Women Manuela Carriero, has returned to talk about why he chose to abandon the throne.

The decision of Manuela Carrieroformer tronista of this edition of Men and womento eliminate Michele Longobardi came unexpectedly: the ex-suitor, in fact, was one of the most loved characters of these first months of the new edition of the dating show Mediaset on air Canale5. Thanks to his sympathy and optimism, Michele has won the hearts of the public and many hoped it would become the choice of Manuelawhile other fans hoped for the throne for him in the future.

Men and Women, Michele Longobardi on Manuela Carriero: “I didn’t want her to choose me because…”

After an unexpected confrontation with both of her former suitors, Manuela has abandoned the throne of Men and Women, returning to social media a few days later without failing to throw some digs at the two boys with a post on Instagram. According to the former tronista, in fact, both boys were only interested in visibility and not in really getting to know her, above all, Michele, who never missed an opportunity to joke with the knights and ladies of the parterre. Interviewed by Lorenzo Pugnaloni in his Casa Lollo format, the former suitor responded to some curiosities about his path in the program Maria De Filippias the reason that pushed him to appear on the show:

“I signed up because I was complaining about disappointments in love to my best friend. She is a fan of the program and told me to sign up so I could combine my creativity with the search for love. At the beginning when you get off – at least for me it was like this – you have to base yourself on the few aesthetic elements and a bit on the presentation video. I liked her physically and based on that and her sweetness I chose to stay. They were superficial evaluations, but if I hadn’t liked her I would have left definitely gone”

Amazing with his frankness, Michele revealed that if Manuela had chosen him, he didn’t know how she would have reacted:

“It wouldn’t have been a problem to say no at the time of the choice, but I realized that I didn’t want to continue along the path before the choice. There were criticisms that leaving was premature and that it took me too long to leave. I left when I I realized that in my opinion she wasn’t the girl for me. I don’t need to be on television, we are in a dataign program. I don’t deny that when I was called back – after the letter in which I apologized – I said ‘if the letter is eloquent, why am I being called back?That he wants to choose me?’. I wouldn’t have taken it well, it would have been something done with zero premises. Luckily this wasn’t the case, I would have avoided that comparison too

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