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Gerry Scotti has his say on Giambruno’s outbursts in Striscia: “Ricci would never have asked me for advice”

Gerry Scotti has his say on Giambruno's outbursts in Striscia: "Ricci would never have asked me for advice"

Gerry Scotti was asked for his opinion on the reports from Striscia La Notistica on the Fuoriondas of Andrea Giambruno, Giorgia Meloni’s ex-partner. The host, who was among the presenters of the satirical news program, approves the move of the shrewd Antonio Ricci.

The case Giambrunoor rather of the outliers of Andrea Giambrunoformer partner of Giorgia Meloniis still controversial.

As you certainly know, the fuss was raised by the satirical broadcast The news spreadswhich produced two reports in which the journalist who had been the partner of the current Prime Minister for ten years said rather heavy and sexual sentences during the off-air moments of the television program by TG4 Diary of the day, which he hosted. And since there is still talk of the “bad crime”, the opinion of someone who had a lot to do with the satirical Canale 5 news program was asked. Let’s talk about Gerry Scottiwhich presented 13 editions.

What does Gerry Scotti think of the Striscia la Notizia scoop on Giambruno

Interviewed by the weekly Oggi about his book “What Did You Miss”, Gerry Scotti spoke about the patron of Strip Antonio Ricci, who declared that he does not consider himself the reason for the crisis between Giorgia Meloni e Andrea Giambruno and that he has no new tricks up his sleeve (“I have nothing left, what I had in the fridge is gone”). Without commenting on the end of the relationship between the prime minister and the journalist, Scotti he said that, instead of Ricci, he would have done the same thing. He then added:

Ricci would never have asked for advice. If so, I would have told him to show them, just like he did with everyone, including myself.

Antonio Ricci justifies himself

Second Gerry Scotti, Antonio Ricci he is a man with very clear ideas, who was keen to reiterate that the decision to make public the off-air of Giambruno it was his alone and that there was no interference from Mediaset. After explaining: “We have not recorded anything, what is in low frequency arrives in the offices”, you declared, as already mentioned, that you do not consider yourself a family ruiner:

There is no such thing as a family ruiner, families ruin themselves and then the blame is placed on the highlighter which doesn’t actually ruin anything.

Even if he didn’t want to cause discord between Giorgia Meloni and his companion, Ricci However, it contributed to the failure of a relationship. In fact, we remember that, after the incident, the Prime Minister sent the following message to his social channels:

My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost ten years, ends here. I thank him for the splendid years we spent together, for the difficulties we went through, and for giving me the most important thing in my life, which is our daughter Ginevra.
Our paths have diverged for some time, and the time has come to acknowledge it.
I will defend what we were, I will defend our friendship, and I will defend, at all costs, a seven-year-old girl who loves her mother and loves her father, as I was unable to love mine.
I have nothing else to say about this.
Ps. all those who hoped to weaken me by hitting me at home should know that however much the drop may hope to dig out the stone, the stone remains stone and the drop is only water.

Ricci he concluded his speech by saying that he had not received any messages from Melonswho should have instead thanked him for having eliminated a life partner of dubious morality and cunning.