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Big Brother: Alex Schwazer and Giampiero Mughini at risk of elimination, 5 contestants nominated

Big Brother: Alex Schwazer and Giampiero Mughini at risk of elimination, 5 contestants nominated

Next Monday a competitor will leave the Big Brother house, Alex Schwazer and Giampiero Mughini also at risk of elimination.

Big Brother: Alex Schwazer and Giampiero Mughini at risk of elimination, 5 contestants nominated

In the November 2 episode of Big Brother there were no eliminations. The least voted by the public was Alex Schwazerwhich is now directly in the nomination for the televoting on November 6, when one of the five nominated of last night will have to leave the Big Brother house permanently.

Waiting for the month of December, when Big Brother will air only once a week, the reality show continues to entertain the public with two weekly appointments. This time too, the Thursday episode did not lead to the elimination of any nominated contestant, merely establishing the public favorite and the least voted.

Beatrice still the public favourite

Since Big Brother started only one competitor is in command, as cycle race commentators would say: Beatrice Luzzi.

The lack of energy of the other participants, highlighted yesterday by Alfonso Signorini, favors the rise of the queen of this edition of the reality show.

Big Brother Beatrice Luzzi

Big Brother: Beatrice Luzzi in an image from the 2023 edition

Last Monday, four contestants were nominated. Here they are percentages ‘Bulgarians’ who saw Luzzi triumph: Beatrice 58.2%, Fiordaliso 15.4%, Giselda 14.8% and Alex 11.6%. Despite the regret by Giampiero Mughini, the athlete will still find himself in the preliminary nomination next Monday.

Big Brother Alex Schwazer

Big Brother: a photo of Alex Schwazer

The nominations and those who are immune from the sixteenth episode

The nomination on November 2nd they sent five competitors to the preliminary televoting, as can be seen in the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity.

As suggested by Alfonso Signorini, but also hoped for by the public commenting on the reality show on Cesara Buonamici gave theimmunity Grecia Colmenares and Beatrice. “I don’t let anyone influence me“, the journalist/opinionist said ironically.


  • Cornflower
  • Anita
  • Paolo
  • Greece
  • Beatrice


  • Beatrice names Angelica
  • Anita nominates Giampiero
  • Fiordaliso appoints Giampiero
  • Paolo nominates Giampiero
  • Greece appoints Giuseppe
  • Giselda nominates Giampiero
  • Giuseppe names Giampiero
  • Massimiliano appoints Giuseppe
  • Alex nominates Giampiero
  • Rosy nominates Giampiero
  • Ciro appoints Giampiero
  • Jill nominates Giampiero
  • Angelica names Giuseppe
  • Mirko nominates Giampiero
  • Vittorio nominates Giuseppe
  • Letizia nominates Giampiero
  • Giampiero names Giselda

Together with Alex, al preliminary televoting Giampiero, Giuseppe, Angelica and Giselda ended up, Mughini paid for the offensive sentence addressed to Angelica. On Monday we will know who among the five nominees will have to abandon home.