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Yellowstone, the final episodes of the fifth season next year. Spin-offs 1944 and 2024 are coming soon

Yellowstone, from March 1 the fifth season of the TV series with Kevin Costner arrives in Italy.  Trailer

Yellowstone, Paramount conferma la 5B a fine 2024

Yellowstone will end with the final episodes of the fifth season – of 5B – broadcast at the end of 2024 on Paramount Network in the United States, but it doesn’t end there: two spin-off TV series are on the way that will expand the franchise entitled 1944 e 2024. Season 5 of Yellowstone it will also be the last for the western epic starring Kevin Costner. Consisting of 14 episodes in total, six episodes are missing which – at the moment – have not yet been filmed.

At the beginning of the year, disputes between the production and Kevin Costner kept the return to the set in limbo; the production was further delayed when writers’ and actors’ strikes disrupted Hollywood operations. In a note released to the press on Thursday 2 November, Paramount finally announced that the final episodes of Yellowstone 5 – which could be more than six, if creator Taylor Sheridan needs it – will debut on American screens by the end of next year.

Initially part 2 of Yellowstone 5 was supposed to debut this November, with the new spin-off set in the present day expected next month. Due to the strikes, Paramount’s strategy could not materialize on schedule.

The TV series 1944 and 2024, the two new spin-offs of Yellowstone, are coming soon

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Let’s get to the news instead. After the successes of 1883 e 1923 – already renewed for a second season -, the franchise of Yellowstone expands with two more chapters. The first is a spin-off set in the past and titled 1944, which will explore the events of the Dutton family in the 1940s.

The second project is 2024 and it is the contemporary spin-off TV series which will have the task of following up the events of Yellowstone. In 2024 The participation of some characters from the original series is expected along with new additions. The protagonist should be Matthew McConaughey, but Paramount is not yet completely open about this.

Where will we see these two new series? Both on Paramount+ also in Italy, while the final season of Yellowstone will be broadcast on Sky for the first time, being part of an agreement between Comcast’s pay-TV and Paramount which preceded the debut of the latter’s streaming service.