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Terra Amara previews November 4th, Zuleyha passionately kisses Demir, Umit’s angry reaction

Terra Amara previews November 4th, Zuleyha passionately kisses Demir, Umit's angry reaction

Here are the previews of Terra Amara for Saturday 4 November: the episode airs at around 2.10pm on Canale 5.

Terra Amara previews November 4th, Zuleyha passionately kisses Demir, Umit's angry reaction

Here they are previews of the plot Of Bitter Earth which returns to the air Saturday 4 November around 2.10pm on Channel 5 with a double episode. The story of Zuleyha, protagonist of this beloved series which debuted as ‘Bir Zamanlar Çukurova – Once upon a time in Çukurova’ on ATV from 2018 to 2022, continues to win the hearts of the public. All episodes broadcast to date are available in streaming su Mediaset Infinity.

Before revealing tomorrow’s episode, let’s do a brief review of the events of the episode on Friday 3 November.

Bitter Earth: summary of the November 3 episode

Fikret confesses to Fekeli that he had a heated confrontation with Zuleyha after she saw him leave the company of Iron, but that had nothing to do with his disappearance. Sevda calls Demir to inform him of the situation and he returns to Cukurova.

Previews for November 4th: Zuleyha’s amnesia and the kiss with Demir

Zuleyha seems to have vanished into thin air, but an idea of Sermin gives a turning point to the search: the trained dogs find her unconscious with a trap blocking her leg. Zuleyha He didn’t suffer serious injuries, but the trauma did erased the memory

Zuleyha doesn’t remember why she went into the woods, but she remembers what she felt and confesses to Iron of loving him, the two abandon themselves to a long kiss which breaks Umit’s heart

In the next episode: The confrontation between Mujgan and Fikret

Muggan he learned from Bathiar about Monika, an old girlfriend of Fikret who attempted suicide two years earlier, so she confronts Fikret and ends the relationship with him.

In the new episode: Gulten’s discovery of Gaffur and the redemption of the lands

Flowers finds out from Ismail that Gaffer has pledged the title deed to the lands in her name, as collateral to apply for a loan to Ismailmoney he needed to speed up his visa to Germany.

Now Ismail is intent on redeem the lands, because Gaffur never returned his money. Gulten doesn’t reveal anything to anyone, but everyone has noticed that something is wrong.

Tomorrow in Terra Amara: Demir’s guilt

Zuleyha is in hospital victim of amnesia that doesn’t allow her to remember anything about the accident. Demir is next to her and while she confesses hers to him amorehe is struck by guilt for the harm he has done to her.

On Saturday’s episode: Defamatory posters about Adnan Yaman and Demir’s reaction

The following morning, Cukurova wakes up covered in posters who want to discredit the good name of the deceased Adnan Yaman. Demir orders his employees to make them disappear. Muggan he understands that there is something between Demir and Umit and decides to talk about it with her.

The previews of the Turkish soap: Sermin wants to unmask Demir

Serminafter investigating and discovering that Demir was not ad Ankarais abruptly denied by Demir himself and by Umit who will provide him with an alibi.

In the last episode of the week: Zuleyha leaves the hospital and regains her memory

Zuleyha leaves the hospital, accompanied by love and Demir. Arriving at Villa Yaman, they find the same posters that were in the city posted on the external walls. Demir loses control, while Zuleyha confessa to Sevda that her memory has returned and she knows who the culprit is.

Clips of the Turkish soap

Gulten and Saniye are very worried about Zuleyha’s disappearance, as seen in the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity.