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Priscilla: According to Lisa Marie Presley, Sofia Coppola’s script was “vindictive and contemptuous” towards Elvis

Priscilla: According to Lisa Marie Presley, Sofia Coppola's script was "vindictive and contemptuous" towards Elvis

Emails resurface in which Lisa Marie Presley allegedly asked Sofia Coppola to change the representation of her father Elvis that emerges from her screenplay because it is too vindictive and negative.

Priscilla: for Lisa Marie Presley, Sofia Coppola's script was 'vindictive and contemptuous' towards Elvis

Just before dying, Lisa Marie Presley I had Priscilla’s script was rejectedsigned by Sofia Coppola, for the way it represents the figure of Elvis Presley. In two emails obtained exclusively by Variety, Elvis’ daughter asked Coppola to reconsider his vision of the character and to spare his family public embarrassment. The messages were sent four months before Presley suffered a fatal cardiac arrest last January.

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Priscilla: a still from the film

Lisa Marie Presley’s messages defined the script “incredibly vindictive and contemptuous and contained pleas to the Oscar-winning director to refrain from straining her fragile relationship with her mother – the film’s subject, Priscilla Presley – and to avoid media attention for Elvis’ grandchildren, already distressed by the loss of her son Lisa Marie Presley, Benjamin Keough, died 2020.

Priscilla’s vision

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Priscilla: Jacob Elordi and Cailee Spaeny sul set

Priscilla is a biopic about Priscilla Presley based on her 1985 memoir Elvis and Me. He has sparked debate for the way he stages the courtship between Elvis and Priscilla, which began in Germany in 1959, when Priscilla was 14 and Elvis was 24.

“My father is presented only as a predator and manipulator. As his daughter, I do not agree and see nothing of my father in this character. I do not agree with my mother’s point of view on my father. I see your perspective incredibly vindictive and contemptuous and I don’t understand why” wrote Lisa Marie Presley in one of the emails sent in September last year, about four hours apart.

When Lisa Marie contacted her, Sofia Coppola had not yet started working on Priscilla, but Elvis’ daughter threatened her to openly boycott the project and her mother, credited as executive producer. “I will be forced to find myself in the position of having to openly say what I think of the film by going against you, my mother and this film”he wrote.

When asked for a comment on the exchange, Sofia Coppola responded through her spokesperson by reporting the words addressed to Lisa Marie_:

“I hope that when you see the finished film you will feel differently and understand that I am taking great care to honor your mother, while at the same time presenting your father with sensitivity and complexity”.