Friday, March 1, 2024
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MasterChef 13, judge Giorgio Locatelli hospitalized: his presence should not be at risk

Vincenzo Galdieri

MasterChef 13 is about to return, but in the last few hours fans have been worried about one of the program’s favorites: the gentleman par excellence, who goes by the name of the judge Giorgio Locatelli. Giorgio Locatelli has been one of the great protagonists of the Italian edition of MasterChef for 4 years now: in fact, since 2019 the well-known chef has supported his two friends Bruno Barbieri – the doyen of MasterChef Italia, who has now reached his thirteenth participation – in the hosting of the program consecutive as judge of the famous Sky and NOW program – and Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

MasterChef Italia 13: fans worried about a photo posted by judge Giorgio Locatelli on social media

Giorgio Locatelli has aroused the concern of fans after a photo posted on his social media showing him lying on the bed in hospital, with a bandaged foot. The judge presumably underwent foot surgery and is now waiting to understand what his post-operative outcome will be, according to what Locatelli himself wrote on social media. “Ok done, now rest and hope”. Some former MasterChef contestants were also worried, including Monir and Francesco Aquila, who wrote: “Chef, what happened?”. In addition to former competitors, Locatelli received a very large amount of messages from his fans and followers, all interested in knowing how the judge was doing and what the reason for the surgery and hospitalization was.

However, the presence of Giorgio Locatelli as a judge on MasterChef Italia 13 should not be at risk, given that the program is generally recorded entirely before broadcast, but we will find out whether the judge will be regularly in his place also in this edition. very early. In the meantime, we can only send him our warmest wishes for a good recovery, in the hope that he will recover as soon as possible.