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Big Brother, Greta Rossetti bursts out on social media and reveals: “Since Mirko Brunetti entered the House…”

Big Brother, Greta Rossetti bursts out on social media and reveals: "Since Mirko Brunetti entered the House..."

Greta Rossetti returns to talk about Mirko Brunetti after his statements to Big Brother.

Greta Rossetti continues to be at the center of gossip for his sentimental situation with Mirko Brunetti. A few hours after new episode of Big Brotherwhich will go broadcast tonight on Canale 5l’from Temptation Island she let herself go to one vent on social media about the behavior taken by gieffino towards him.

Greta Rossetti’s outburst

This eveningThursday 2 November 2023, on Channel 5 one will be broadcast new episode of Big Brother. While waiting, come on social, Greta Rossetti she let herself go to a long rant about Mirko Brunettiwho since he entered the Cinecittà House has done nothing but talk about her and their love story:

I always say I don’t want to talk about it but I hate not being understood, too much. Guys, I know about Mirko, I always follow him 24 hours a day. I didn’t put up any walls, I was simply angry and disappointed and I distanced myself a little. The wall was put up automatically from the moment he went in there, but not by my will. How can I experience it if it’s there, how can I understand the love that exists between us, if I can’t touch it, look it in the eyes and talk to it…

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It’s still:

And don’t tell me go there and tell him because, guys, if it were up to me I would do it now but not everything is always possible in life. Precisely for this reason I say that he is the one who put up the wall by entering there. Greta Rossetti then concluded her outburst, once again clarifying her feelings towards Mirko: Now I can’t do anything but stay here and wait and watch just like you do. Hoping we don’t make mental films that don’t exist. But no one ever said they didn’t love him, and no one ever said I didn’t miss him.

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