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Big Brother, Fiordaliso shoots zero at the competitors: “I have one for everyone! They’ll kill me in the episode”

Big Brother, Fiordaliso shoots zero at the competitors: "I have one for everyone! They'll kill me in the episode"

Fiordaliso’s unexpected outburst in the Big Brother House.

Plot twist in the House of Big Brother. A few hours after new episodewhich will go broadcast tonight Thursday 2 November 2023 on Canale 5, Cornflower he literally blurted out and pointed the finger against most competitors of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

Cornflower without brakes at Gf

Fiordaliso’s unexpected outburst at Big Brother. Speaking to Rosy Chin, Giselda Torresan and Alex Schwazer, the singer has hard criticized Angelica Baraldi, Mirko Brunetti and finally Giuseppe Garibaldiaccusing him of having implemented a real strategy to move forward in the game:

If Valentina left it’s because the other man played dirty to stay in here (referring to Giuseppe ed.) Yes, I also said this thing in my outburst in the confessional. Also the story who wrote the letter for Beatrice. She never wanted to go out and she tried everything, for me it’s a bit like playing dirty…

Then there’s the one (Angelica ed.) who constantly talks about her Rick. Just come on. You understand? And I think Mark Caltagirone. And what is he doing in here? He doesn’t even wash a dish. Does he do food? For herself and that’s it… Mirko also came here as the tempter who always has Greta in mind. But go home, but stay out of it, now it’s like this under a pole but stay home and solve your problems. If he stayed at home instead of staying in here thinking only of Greta.

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But it didn’t end here because, as reported by Biccy, Cornflower he then continued his outburst pointing the finger against Letizia Petris and Paolo Masella:

These two with this brake on less. He’s hanging there waiting for someone who’s had a boyfriend for three months. I don’t understand these young people anymore. I also got tired of protecting Letizia, forgive me, but that’s enough. I hope he doesn’t ask me anything anymore because I blurt out. So keep it away from me. She always talks to me about the same things. She is 25 years old, but live and stop this paranoia. She came here with someone outside of her who made her feel bad months ago and now she’s crying and despairing. If you have to play, let’s play and throw ourselves. I have one for everyone tonight! Tomorrow’s episode they’ll all kill me.

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