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My hair hurts, Alba Rohrwacher: “A film full of ghosts, not just Monica Vitti’s”

My hair hurts, Alba Rohrwacher: "A film full of ghosts, not just Monica Vitti's"

Interview with Roberta Torre, Alba Rohrwacher and Filippo Timi, director and protagonists of My Hair Hurts, homage to actress Monica Vitti. In the room.

My hair hurts, Alba Rohrwacher: 'A film full of ghosts, not just Monica Vitti's'

Premiered at the Rome Film Festival 2023, where it won the award for best actress Alba Rohrwacher, My hair hurts Of Roberta Torre And in theaters from October 20th and is an affectionate and sincere tribute to Monica Vitti. After giving life to Alida Valli in Finally dawn by Saverio Costanzo, Rohrwacher is here grappling with another great diva of Italian cinema.

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My hair hurts: a scene from the film

She plays Monica, a woman who is losing her memory and therefore tries to give meaning to her life by reconstructing situations and memories by reworking them through the characters played by Monica Vitti, her namesake. Next to her is her husband, played by Filippo Timi.

We met the actors and the director in Rome, where she told us: “I always talk to myself too. When there is a need, I talk to one of those who are in here and, depending on the day, they answer me. Precisely because of this attitude of mine I found it interesting to think that the same could be done with someone else, in this case with Monica Vitti. Indeed: with the characters played by Monica Vitti. And that they could give answers“.

My hair hurts: interview

Alba Rohrwacher describes the making of the film this way: “I ended up in Roberta’s fantasy and started listening to the voices she whispered in my ear. And these characters that animated her began to animate me too. And then I also met Monica’s characters. There were so many ghosts in that room! It was very funny, moving, enlightening“.

My hair hurts, the review: the power of cinema to soothe the effects of the disease

Filippo Timi instead talks about his relationship with his characters: “Some days I happen to relive some scenes and react afterwards. Something happens to me, I keep quiet, I maybe suffer the rudeness, I go home and spend the afternoon doing that scene with variations. So, more than having a dialogue with myself, it’s a desire to redo the scene better. I want to give myself a second chance. Which is what we actors always ask for! The good ones, like Alba, always ask: please, let’s do another one. Then maybe you throw it away, but there is always the desire to try again. Because, in everyday life, the first is perhaps beautiful because she is the first, but she is always wrong. Think how nice it is to be able to say: let’s do it again“!