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Michael Winterbottom brings Shoshana to the Lecce European Film Festival 2023: The program of the 24th edition

Michael Winterbottom brings Shoshana to the Lecce European Film Festival 2023: The program of the 24th edition

Shoshana by Michael Winterbottom opens the Lecce European Film Festival on 11 November. In the program of the 24th edition, a tribute to Gianni Minà and one to Nico Cirasola, Diego Abatantuono with Suddenly I’m Getting Married at Christmas, and then Micaela Ramazzotti and Alice Rohrwacher.

To open the Lecce European Film Festivalwhich will take place from November 11th to 18th, will be the film of Michael Winterbottom Shoshana. The director will accompany him.

Distributed by Vision Distribution, Shoshana is a political thriller set in the 1930s that shows how political extremism and violence can create a divide between people, forcing them to choose a side.

The previews of the Lecce European Film Festival 2023

In addition to the new feature film by Michael Winterbottomthe Lecce European Film Festival, which will be held at the Massimo Multiplex cinema and is directed by Alberto La Monicahas six titles scheduled for release in Italian cinemas:

Closing film of the twenty-fourth edition of the Festival is The malt Of Alice Rohrwacher. The actors will accompany him Vincenzo Nemolato e This is Vianello.

The protagonist of Italian Cinema in this edition is Micaela Ramazzottito which a retrospective is dedicated with 5 films she starred in and Happinesshis first directorial effort. Micaela Ramazzotti it will be in Lecce.

The 2023 European Film Festival tributes and awards

Not to be forgotten, the two homages of the 2023 European Film Festival:

  • a Gianni Mina with the presentation of the documentary film Gianni Minà-A life as a journalist Of Loredana Macchietti Minàwhich will also present the book by Gianni Mina “Hunger for Stories”
  • a Nico Cirasolafriend of the European Film Festival, with the retrospective of his six feature films (Smell of Rain, Da do da, Albania Blues, Bell’Epoker, Focaccia Blues, Rudy Valentino) and a meeting/remembrance in the presence of his wife Lucia Diromaof children Claudia, Dionysia e Luca Cirasolaof the manufacturer Alessandro Contessawhich will see the intervention of Nichi Vendola and other friends of the recently deceased Apulian director.

The Festival program includes an official competition of 10 European feature films, which aim toGolden Olive Tree – Cristina Soldano Award. As usual, there will be the assignment of Mario Verdone Award to the best first work by an Italian director. Assign it are the brothers Verdone: Carlo, Luca e Silvia.

For the complete program of the Lecce Festival you can go to the official website of the event. will be present.